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Elaina MARC is the kind of tank-top stretcher we live for here. And when we identify them, or when they discover us, and they pose, it is sufficient to declare a SCORELAND holiday. Giant 34N cups that are firm, packed and jutting out proudly. And the rest of her is heavenly also! Editor Dave sits with Elaina for greater amount than just an interview. It is not at all just an interview the way we do ’em. It’s a learning experience, inch by tender inch. A former ROTC and army veteran, Elaina not quite considered a reduction, which would have changed the course of our lives so thank heavens she did not do it and learned to love her breastly gifts. “I did not do it because I knew that I wasn’t done growing and that if I got ’em reduced, that there was a chance that they would receive big afresh. And so I didn’t and now that I’ve served my time in the army, they will truly pay for me to have a reduction, but I won’t do that now ‘coz now I love my wobblers.” Welcome to the Large Show Elaina! We love ’em also! Roll the movie!

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