>Field of Bra Dreams

Here’s smth u don’t see daily of the week. A suitcase full of brassieres hung out on a clothesline, underneath the supervision of no less a glamorous, bra-filling delight than Jenna Valentine, resident mistresse of Boob Valley, California. We did something similar years agone with a model named Amy DONALD in May ’99 V-Mag, though not as elaborate as Jenna‘s brapalooza. More recently, in February ’07 SCORE, Crystal Gunns endevoured on several hooter-holsters against a backdrop of big bras on an indoor clothesline. Jenna tries on a selection and after u watch a not many fotos, you’ll agree that that babe was meant to glamour model bras in catalogs and Sunday newspapers. In fact, if we sold bras in the eBoobStore, we’d hire Miss Valentine in a heartbeat. Her downy, creamy, veiny double-F bosoms are meant to have the comfiest support possible. There’s tons of great pics in our Beneath garment Specific section in Galleries but this is one of the most wonderful beneath garment photo shoots yet. We call it “The Field of Undergarment Dreams,” a land where sweatermeat slings await harvesting by glamourous busties. King of brassieres Mr. MANUEL would have approved.

Field of Brassiere Dreams