Divorcee On The Prowl

For over Thirty years, Jillian, 54, lived a very unfulfilling sex life with her partner TROY. During the days, that babe tended to beds as a nurse. At night, this babe tended to a very lonely ottoman as her boyfriend rarely initiated sex with her. Finally, it took a doctor and his unorthodox practices to open Jillian‘s eyes to what that babe was missing out on.

“They hired this fresh doctor at my hospital,” this babe told. “He was a younger lad with some different theories about how to take care of patients. One of his beliefs was that rectal thermometers were the most accurate way of taking a patient’s temperature.”

You can guess what happened next. And now that this babe is divorced and come to realize that she is an anal sex lover, Jillian doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“Getting divorced was hard on me, but it was necessary,” this babe told. “I’m looking for two studs now so I can have two jocks at one time, one in my love tunnel and the other up my ass. I will not waste my time with one more buck who will not give me what I must have. And if there’re any readers out there who crave a piece of my tail, I’m contemplating to hear from ’em. I lastly feel free to cum!”

Divorcee On The Prowl


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