Diamond Cam

Diamond would like you to do her a fa-vor while you are looking at these pictures from her scene in the DVD “I Screwed Your Wife…Again!” Said Diamond, “I wish you to take off your pants so your bottom half is totally na-ked. I urge you to view these fotos of me mouthing 10-Pounder and imagine that it is your pecker I am engulfing. Then I urge you to grasp your penis constricted and jerk off it.”

Diamond said it is important for you to grasp your schlong tight during the time that you’re jacking to her pix “because then you’ll know what it feels like to be in my throat or love tunnel. I have been told I have the tightest slit ever, and when I suck penis, I suck extra inflexible so u can feel the pressure around your 10-Pounder. So, c’mon! Tighten that grasp around your ramrod and work it rock hard. Stroke that big thing!”

Look at how firmly Diamond‘s cunt is thrilling that shlong. “Part of it’s cuz the boy had a large weenie and part of it is ‘coz my love tunnel has this particular talent of gripping tight around any sized strapon,” this babe told. “Why do you think that chap blew such a big load on my love bubbles? ‘Cause I can make your screwing balls explode. Toss off it!”

Diamond Cam


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