Daylene Rio Meets Mr. Weenie Long

It is favorites time one time more on SCOREVideos with the great Daylene Rio, the ultra-horny, boobtastic little Latin chick bra-buster from the City of the Gals. It is cock-prayer time yet afresh as Daylene serves up one more heapin’ servin’ of hawt, steamy rogering and engulfing with her ordinary excitement and energy. This gal sure can’t live without the man-sausage. And to think Daylene started with SCORE. “I submitted my photos, and I got started from there, and I did my 1st boy-girl scene with SCORE (a bathtub piping in Big boobed ‘N Wet). I was curious to try it. I’d always been curious about having sex on screen, so I did it, and I did it thinking that I would do it solely once and that would be it, but I liked it so much that I had to come back and do it one more time.” And again and one more time in many DVDs and SCORE videos! U rock, Daylene!

Daylene Rio Meets Mr. Shlong Long