Daria’s Hot Fitness Time

Daria's Sexy Fitness Time

Curvy and young, girl-next-door Daria has a workout session planned for today. It is no thing this babe can do in a regular gym although the boys there would adore to watch what she is doing and how she’s doing it. Daria has her kettle bell and her bigger than typical, bouncy workout ball. She’s ready to acquire her bigger in size than typical fullsome funbags in motion and pump you up.

SCORELAND: You bike and love to figure out. Are u a sports fan?

Daria: I love to observe football. Barcelona FC is the majority wonderful.

SCORELAND: What do u do for joy?

Daria: I love to play table games and video games. I too adore intend to the theater and music concerts. Reading, watching TV and traveling.

SCORELAND: Do people call you by any nicknames?

Daria: I can remember solely one. Queen B.

SCORELAND: Are other girls jealous of your looks and titties?

Daria: Maybe so. But everyone has to adore themselves as they are.

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