Danielle Will Drive U Crazy, Men!

“I love the look for and being caught,” told 49-year-old, twice-divorced Danielle Reage, who looks like she could be one of the mothers in these dark and white TV shows from the 1950s (or an office beauty in the current TV show Avid Guys). “It doesn’t matter where the pursue is taking place. On the beach. In a club. But it always ends up with sex!”

Danielle loved the idea of posing for 40Something coz “it’s the last thing most people would expect me to do, especially with how I dress. People say I’m a conservative dresser, but I think the way honeys dressed in the ’50s was very hot. They wore constricted skirts, constricted tops and taut sweaters. Bullet bras, nylons and garters. It’s all very raunchy, and it makes me feel hawt.”

Danielle‘s smack in raiment might be old-fashioned (in a very wonderful way), but her smack in–ahem–under-apparel is definitely very modern (in a very precious way, likewise). “You’re talking about my cookie jewelry?” that babe said. “I like it. Bucks like it, also, and they’re always surprised when they see it for the 1st time. U could say I did it to get a rise with out my guys!”

One more way in which Danielle is old-fashioned: “I lost my virginity on my 1st wedding night. I was 21 years old!” And some other way in which she isn’t: “On my second tour to Japan, my stud had me in light thraldom on the dance floor, then in a big public area, he bent me over to fuck my wazoo while people watched. I do not think they do that on Bonkers Guys!”

Danielle Will Drive You Kooky, Chaps!