Creamy Blonde With Enormous Jugs

Alana Evans Anderson has attracted plenty of attention since her first-time December ’09 SCORE pictorial. That babe is a short, hot, glamorous blonde with titanic 34F-cup love bubbles and the almost all prominent puffy two-inch nipps. Alana has a hot, carnal body likewise. We detected her because of the web camera site iFriends where she’s known as Trueblonde and invited her to glamour model for SCORE. “I’d been asked about modeling for SCORE by members who have been watching me on my live digi camera so I looked up SCORE (at and sent some images. That was it,” explained Alana. Alana used to be a stripper. “I have danced as a gogo dancer in a hardly any exotic dancing clubs in Florida like The Doll House, Rachel’s and Club Juana but I don`t work in exotic dancing clubs anymore since I like the online digi camera larger amount precious,” Alana said. “I not at all used toys until I started working on-camera at home. I don`t like the texture of some of these plastic-rubber dildos. The Cyberskin feels greater amount real. I like a shlong that’s visually big but not so large that it hurts and is painful to play with. A lot of play and nice, long sex make me cum the hardest. My beloved position in on top. I like my tits handled softly at first then harder but by no means ever bitten. Use the one and the other hands and your face hole too. My nipples are very sensitive. I am a pretty nonchalant person in general and in bed I don’t consider myself to be dominating but I’m not submissive at all. The last time I was in the airport security line, guards flagged me and questioned me about why I was intend to Miami but I don`t think it had anything to do with my titties. Blondes with fair skin always receive flagged as a terrorist, right? I’m very short so I usually wear fitted handsome raiment. I suit to emphasize the difference betwixt my milk shakes and waist. Otherwise I look like I am wearing a tent. I like scoop-necked or V-necked short-sleeved tops or, larger quantity wonderful yet, bathing dress tops. If u see me in public, like at a mall, I’ll probably be wearing a fitted, low-cut, slim-to-the-waist top with an A-line mini-skirt or shorts with either platform heels or amenable wedge heels.” Alana‘s nipples ooze milk in this SCORE Movie called “Creamy Blond With Heavy Jugs.” Pleasing! Good goddess. Great love muffins!

Creamy Blond With Enormous Jugs