Oiled & Showered

Oiled & Showered

Casey Deluxe oils and massages her king-size baby bump, then showers in the last segment of our preggo Casey series. Mother and hottie are doing admirable. The German delight will be a mommy model as well as a glamour model mamma.

SCORELAND: Casey, congratulations. How is life since u gave birth?

Casey: It is a bit stressful but too very worthwhile with the baby.

SCORELAND: What modeling plans do u have?

Casey: I will go on as before, but now as a MILF glamour model.

SCORELAND: What size are your marangos now?

Casey: I didn’t measure ’em but they have grown since the birth. My undergarment size is now 80K EU (36J US). I’m wearing maternity bras.

SCORELAND: Are your love melons more sensitive now after childbirth?

Casey: Yeah, they are much more sensitive now than before.

SCORELAND: What makes your areolas very rock hard?

Casey: Stroking, massaging, touching with tongue and mouthing.

SCORELAND: Are u producing bigger than typical amounts of milk?

Casey: Unfortunately, not. I rub-down each single day to improve the performance and I’m using a breast pump.

SCORELAND: U told that you were highly lascivious during gestation. Are u still as lustful now?

Casey: Oh, yep. Nothing has changed. I need tons of sex.

SCORELAND: Thanks, Casey Deluxe.

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