Career Recommendations: Rub-down Therapist

Fondelling down the precious, admirable bodies that you used to pin-up on your walls. Meeting the sexiest babes that you can acquire your hands on the very first minute you meet them! Letting honeys come to you for your very peculiar services. They melt below your disciplined fingers. Yeah, we’re spouting on about the priceless career of rubdown therapy. A career where u receive paid by the very vixens you cuddle and they do not even complain to mall security! Yeah, you read that right: they pay you. “I owe this great life to my fresh career as a disciplined rub-down therapist,” says our paid spokesman PHILLIP Strapon, shown here in this movie performing his hands-on therapeutic work on Miss Bryant, one of many batty client. “Before that, I was working in a dead-end job! Now I meet the hottest gals in town and they pay me.” Let us chase RODNEY as he enjoys a archetypal day at work, doing the things he loves finest. Yes, maybe it’s time you considered a change of your own. Have you ever considered the valuable world of rub-down therapy? Call now for a free brochure! You’ll be happy u did. Johnny’s sure this Lothario came!

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