Brandy Turns That Frown Upside Down

Buck is sitting at a bar. Woe is he! This skirt chaser is having a bad day when Brandy walks over to where he’s sat. This babe is wearing a short dress and a hawt top. This guy’s bad day is about to receive a entire lot larger quantity magnificant.

“Is the gulp helping any?” Brandy asks, smiling.

“Not at all,” the chap says, although he appears to be to be smiling some.

“Maybe I can make you feel greater quantity valuable,” that babe says.

Right there? At the bar? She starts fondelling his crotch. Is this babe a hooker? Nope, she’s a HORNY HOUSEWIFE who likes picking up juvenile dudes and sucking their schlongs. Rogering them, also, of course.

Now, you are probably thinking that it is impossible to fuck a honey on a bar stool.

And you would be not correct.

Brandy Turns That Frown Upside Down

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