Alana often comments on the SCORELAND blog. This is the second glamour photoshoot for the California webcammer who shocked us by saying that this babe rarely receives tit-fucked. With tits like hers that have amazing, very prominent pointy nipps, they appear to be destined to acquire plenty of cum baths but that is not the case. She does receive a lot of attention furthermore. “The last time I was in the airport, security guards flagged me and questioned me about ‘why I was plan to Miami’ but I don’t think it had anything to do with my zeppelins. Blondes with fair skin always receive flagged as a terrorists, right?” She’s favourable that babe was not patted down. Many sexy hotty’s get that. Alana describes her personality as “85% neutral, 10% masterful and 5% tractable. I am a charming free and effortless person in general and in sofa I do not consider myself to be a slavemaster but I’m not flexible at all.” What makes her teats rock hard? “Everything. They are very sensitive. My much loved is admirable, warm lips and being handled gently. Too water. Any temperature when I wash my hands, eat food, or touch anything that’s not room temperature (warmer or cooler). I like breast and nipple play, deep kisses and neck kisses.” What mistakes do studs make with gals? “Don’t bite my teats. That hurts. I think some studs make the mistake of assuming almost any cuties like anal when they don’t. I believe most girls dont like it but dont tell ’em, since it is on so many porn vids. Do not call vixens slut, doxy or whore during sex. She doesn’t call you black hole. Porn episodes give some fellows the not right idea (or so I make no doubt of). Porn vids should be done bigger quantity worthy. I’m not against porn. I just think majority porn vids are not done well and the ideas are likewise everyday and lack imagination. There’s a good line betwixt medical documentaries and some porn clips. Although I’ve seen some, I don’t like ’em cuz they are so overly scripted and honestly they aren’t done right. But maybe that is ‘coz they aren’t made from a woman’s point of check out. If I were to make a real porn episode it would be squishy porn like a hawt dream and leave some imagination instead of banging, screwing and greater amount screwing. That is what might turn me on as far as porn goes, more of a hawt clip than a porn episode.” Does Alana think she will ever do a boy-girl glamour photoshoot? “Sure, why not?” Thank’s, Alana Anderson.

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