Billi Bardot: sex on the bay

Billi Bardot: sex on the bay

In her return to, Billi Bardot, a 41-year-old Mamma with M-cup milk sacks, a diminutive waist and a bodacious booty, sucks and shags Oliver, her 26-year-old deckmate, on a yacht on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. It was broad daylight with boats all around as Billi swallowed Oliver’s young knob, got her constricted love tunnel slammed every which way on the deck and had her face and juggs glazed with cum.

Talk about exhibitionism! So there you are, out in the open, on a boat, and there were other boats in the background.

Billi: Yep, there were other boats. Some jet-ski enthusiasts were watching from an island behind us. That was valuable. What did u think about having sex out in the open where people could view?

Billi: It was lots of joy. Beyond that, I was so into the lad I was having sex with that I didn’t really notice those people Have you ever been viewed before during the time that having sex?

Billi: Probably. I’m not sure. There used to be this sports store called Galyan’s in Indianapolis, and I had sex with my boyfriend in the dressing room, then I had sex in the bath at a restaurant, and an employee came in and said he was going to tell the manager, so that happened. I had sex on a golf course, on the green, but it was nighttime and the sprinkler went on, so that was enjoyment. I adore having sex wherever. Sex is such a primal instinct that I love to do it wherever I urge.

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