Swimsuit Busters SP152: 60 Photos of Summer Sinn

One of our much loved tit-fucked girls knows how much boys like to tit-fucked. Summer’s been tit-fucked five different times by three different tit-fuckers. We’d like to acquire her back for bigger in size quantity tit-fucking. “I like it,” Summer told us. Admirable thing for that! “I don’t do it for the boy. My pointer sisters are so sensitive, it feels worthy to have a guy’s schlong betwixt them.It feels good, not merely on my nipps and my breasts but in my whole body. My nipples receive unyielding. Sometimes I’ll try to suck him if I can reach.” Summer doesn’t talk filthy when she’s got a dick between her bumpers. “It’s not like I’m urging him to fuck my knockers. That chap should know what to do!”

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