Bathing suit Busters SP152: 60 Fotos of Linsey Dawn McKenzie

JEFFERY, a longtime SCORE Man, waxes poetic about his prefered bathing gal Linsey Dawn, shown here posing near Virginia Key close to Key Biscayne in Florida in January, 2003. “No one can touch LDM. No one will ever be accustomed to either. Linsey Dawn is the epitome of looker in its purest form. That babe looks like that babe was touched by the hand of God himself. That babe is the total package from head to toe. In the picture dictionary, you would identify a picture of LDM next to the word ‘woman.’ It’s really unfair to the rest of the hotties in the world who look at Linsey Dawn and realize they were facialed by the HERBERT pool. This babe may not be the G.O.A.T. (greatess of all time) of SCORE, but as far as natty’s go, Linsey rules finest.”

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