Bathing dress Busters SP152: 60 Pics of Kerry Marie

“When I’m in places like Spain or Cyprus, everyone is topless at all the beaches, so it is no thing particular,” Kerry Marie says. “People don’t say, ‘Oh, look, she’s got her pantoons out.’ But at home, if I had my melons out, people would say, ‘Oh, my God, view her. She’s topless!’ and that can receive to be a bit annoying. When I’m in other parts of Europe, nobody cares. Everybody on the beach is naked or half-naked.” Naturally everybody can’t take their eyes off Kerry when she is on the beach. Any beach. “I went on holiday to Cyprus a few years agone,” Kerry remembered. “And this lad at the hotel, the complete time, kept asking me, ‘Can I rub lotion on you?’ That stud kept following me around and asking me, ‘Can I rub lotion on you?’ ‘Can I rub lotion on you?’ ‘Can I rub lotion on u?’ This chab didn’t prevent. It got to be an awful bother.” Try a homo beach, Kerry. They may leave u alone. But not a Lesbo beach.

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