August 2007 Voluptuous: 60 Images of Emily Cartwright

“I love my eyes and my legs but my absolute prefered body part has to be my love muffins,” Emily revealed to us. In many ways this babe reminds some of the employees of Australia’s Angela White in physique and appearance. “I have been modelling on and off for five years, but I went finally decided to become a experienced model in 2006. The men’s magazine photographers in the UK are a very slight community. They all know each other, and there’re many boyz who seriously do photography as a hobby, so week by week, bigger amount photographers took notice of me. One of ’em was a contributing photographer to SCORE Group so that is how I 1st became a Voluptuous magazine adult model. Emily buys Fantasie, Freya and Rigby & Peller brassieres and likes half-cups paramount of all the styles accessible. Emily is a sex dynamo, brimming with the hormones of youth. This babe likes to fuck three times a night, watches adult movie scenes, reads carnal books, and has even made love suspended upside down! “I learnt everything I know about blowjobs from watching porn movie scenes. I am great at giving unfathomable throat blowjobs. I love large cocks, the bigger, the more good and I love having my juggs drilled,” Emily says. “My favourite position is doggie. I like to feel the skirt chaser shoving me down into the sofa. I like my boyfriend to be in charge of sex and I’ll pursue directions to the letter. I rate my sex drive as much higher than the archetypal girls’. I am very bi erotic likewise. I find males attractive although I do have a miniature preference for honeys.” Now that is one hot playgirl. We predict great success for her if she proceeds.

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