A Dominatrix Of Hardly any Words And Many Orgasms

Suz Look for, who’s Fifty and from Northern Georgia, generally isn’t a domina of few words, but this babe doesn’t say much in this movie. This babe mainly moans a lot. She begins out by rubbing her slit through crotchless belts, and when her smooth operator shows up, that babe licks her lips, and we don’t acquire plenty of vocalization with out her until the charmer begins licking with tongue, then screwing, her twat, at which point Suz says ram like, “Oh, fuck, yep!” Of course, Suz doesn’t say much when she is mouthing 10-Pounder, either, which is understandable considering she has a ding-dong deep in her throat.

Some more information about Suz. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s 5’4″, 120 pounds with measurements of 34-26-36. Her erotic dream goes like this: “I’m cooking dinner, and someone comes up behind me and starts kissing my neck, then touching me, and we wind up doing it in the kitchen.”

That somebody, by the way, doesn’t must be her husband.

Suz once had sex on deck during a booze cruise in Jamaica. This babe sucked and screwed. The staff and a bunch of other people watched.

“I like to be viewed,” Suz said.

And that, gentlemen, is all the invitation u need.

A Mistresse Of Few Words And Many Orgasms