A Sharp Cutie With Velvety Curves

A Sharp Girl With Squishy Curves

Hitomi, her green body stocking hugging her squashy skin, has a pair of pink handcuffs and a pink sleep mask that reads “Be Nasty.” She’s got smth planned and it’ll be good and hawt.

Whenever she comes to USA for adult clip expos, she’s a people magnet. Fans, both bitch beauty and male, urge to meet her, and adult models such as Sheridan Like and Maserati desire to meet her and take selfies.

It may seem the reverse of her public personality but Hitomi says she can be bashful around people in a more archetypal setting, especially if she doesn’t know ’em. It sometimes takes time for her to warm up. There’s a timidity about her that the SCORE crew detects at times. It makes her even more endearing.

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