A Proper Jizz Pie For Ciara

Ciara, a wife and country exotic dancing club member from Atlanta, Georgia, isn’t usually a woman of scarcely any words, but in this clip, that babe doesn’t say much. That babe just moans a lot and engages in some fuck talk. Clearly, she is appreciating herself, and clearly, she is into it, just as the cum shot gets into her in the last minutes. Yep, a spunk pie for Ciara!

“I don’t think the hotties at my country strip club would even know what a cream pie is,” Ciara told us.

Ciara, a sweet-talking Southern belle, is our favorite kind of MILF: the kind that isn’t a porn star, isn’t a exotic dancer, isn’t in this for the money. That babe is here, right in front of your eyes, cuz she’s fulfilling a dream.

“I’m not sure every woman desires to do smth like this, but I know I did,” Ciara said. “I’m a incredibly sexual person. My hubby and I’ve astounding sex, and we have it sometimes twice a day. Many days twice a day. Sometimes larger amount. And we’ll do it all over the house. I’ll be ironing, and he’ll just walk up behind me and stick his knob betwixt my legs. U know how men like to play helicopter? That guy does that. It’s enjoyment. Or he’ll be watching TV, and I’ll walk up to him and kneel between his legs and give him a oral-sex, and sometime it’ll just be a blow job, and sometimes we’ll have intercourse. It’s kind of exciting, never actually knowing when you are intend to have sex or how. We just do it whenever the feeling hits, which is not quite all the time.”

By the way, in her personal life, Ciara acquires sperm pies all the time. But on video, this is a first!

A Proper Ball batter Pie For Ciara