Toni KatVixen and I spent a not many days in Malibu, CA. It was so much enjoyment to be there, but holy cow was it hot and traffic was intense. We not quite didn’t acquire a chance to acquire this kick butt Mustang up to 100+MPH… But we made sure we identified out how fast this Mustang could run! We discovered this place up in the hills around Malibu, it was hot, but we managed to acquire some shots taken. We had plans to do a full shoot here, but anew, it was just likewise sexy, it was 98F and it got hotter as the day went on. We had planned this tour for late summer with the idea that it would not be so sexy, so naturally it was a heat wave, everywhere we went was 20+ degrees hotter than average which stopped me from banging Toni’s enchanting muff as that babe lay sprawled on the car hood as planned, just touching this hood would burn u. ~ Torn Rose More Here