40Something (SCORE Specific 159): 70 Pictures of Jillian Foxxx

Those 2 guys have no idea why they were invited to Jillian’s house, and to tell the truth, they’re a little bit anxious. They the one and the other used to fuck Jillian’s daughter! Is Jillian going to give them a tongue-lashing? Well, not exactly. But kind of. Is that babe intend to ream ’em out for fucking her daughter? Well, somebody’s intend to receive reamed, but it’s not plan to be the boys. It is intend to be Jillian.

In the DVD “I Fucked Your Wife…Again!” Jillian invites the chaps over cuz that babe craves them to screw her and film it. This babe wants to engulf their ramrods, and she wants ’em to cock-slam her snatch and a-hole at the same time. ‘coz when it comes to fellows, Mama knows most wondrous.

“Guys love my blow jobs cuz my throat feels like a really luscious vagina,” Jillian said. “I’m always looking at the chap when I am giving a oral enjoyment. I suppose eye contact is so important, especially in porn. Boys desire to watch me looking at them. If I am looking right into the camera when I have a penis in my face hole and some other one in my booty, the boyz who are watching the clip think, “Look at that filthy doxy. She is doing this just for me.” You see that picture where the cum is leaking down my chin and all over my marangos? See how I am looking into the camera? Doing that makes me feel wicked. And I am!”

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