40Something October 2007 Particular 153: 70 Pix of DeBella

Filthy De’Bella tells us that babe is a sexually excited gal. “I hit my forties and it was like a erotic light switch was turned on,” that babe said. “That’s probably what made my marriage go bust. I wanted it all the time, and this chab didn’t desire it at all.”
So how has this moist brunette hair been satisfying herself since the split? “I was a little coy at first,” she said. “I kept myself busy with toys and masturbation. I worked up the nerve to go to one of these women-friendly sex shops that sell vi-brators and ram. The cuties behind the counter were very helpful, and I ended up spending nearly half my alimony check on sex-toys, dildos and lube! I swear, for the next month, I hardly left the house, I was having such a valuable time with myself. But after a while, I truly got a longing for a worthwhile, inflexible penis. Then I remembered from years agone people saying that the supreme place to pick up a lad was at the grocery store, so I got clothed up and went on the prowl. I got hit on, but it was mostly by much mature studs. I did not want to go out with an older petticoat chaser, figuring he would be as big a dud in the sack as my hubby. Petticoat chaser, was I not right!”

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