40Something October 2007 Special #153: 70 Photos of Annie Body

“I did not think it was possible, but as I acquire mature, I discover myself getting hornier,” told 38-year-old adult star Annie Body, one of the stars of the DVD MILFS and Mechanics. “It’s unconventional, because here I am a porn star, and the more cock I receive, the bigger in size quantity I want. It used to be that I could receive my fill of 10-Pounder on the set, but latterly there’ve been times when I have done a discharge, then an sixty minutes later, I’m looking for more dick.” Fortunately for Annie, her constricted little body and flaming-red hair always attract the attention of bucks. “For some reason, lads aren’t coyness about coming up to me and saying, ‘Let’s fuck.’ And I am not coy about taking them up on it.”
There was a time, maybe 10 or 15 years agone, when Annie’s hirsute bush would not have been so startling. But we live in an era of clean-shaved pornstars, and Annie’s lush, red growth truly stands out in the porn crowd. “I do not do it to stand out,” Annie said. “I have a hirsute snatch ‘coz I like having a unshaved cunt. I have had some porn directors ask me to shave it, but I not at any time liked getting fucked with a bald cookie. As soon as the shoot is done, I grow it right back. Of course, it takes some time to acquire my bush as lush as it is in these fotos. I suppose it looks really nice. I like how it looks getting screwed.”

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