40Something December 2007 Particular #156: 70 Photos of Lola Love

Lola didn’t know how her fiance would react when that dude saw her fotos in the September ’07 issue of Naughty Neighbors mag, but she was glamorous sure it would be in one of two ways.

“I figured he’d either tear my sexy outfit off and fuck my brains out or take the magazine and show it to all his allies,” said Lola, who’s 45, twice divorced and lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. “I definitely was not willing for what did happen.”

What did happen was glamorous amazing. That smooth operator paged throughout the pictorial, got to the photo on the last page of Lola slamming a green sex-toy unfathomable into her cunt, threw down the mag and told, “I can not believe it. I’m engaged to marry a slut.”

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