40 Smth August 2007: 70 Pictures of Georgina

“My partner left me for some tramp this ladies man met at a nightclub he used to take his clients to,” says Brit playgirl Georgina. “I had a worthy divorce lawyer, so I am fairly well set. I solely work when I wish, which leaves me plenty of time to play.”
“I’m pleased now that we at not time had children,” she proceeds. “It has freed me up to do soever I will with my time. And right now, I am cheerful to boff any number of gents, mostly of the working class type, since my husband was posh and would be utterly appalled to know I was having it off with the handyman, milkman, butcher and gardener. Those fotos would have shocked him, too.”
“The idea to take those pix came from one of my blue-collar paramours, the bloke who came to fix the leak under my master bathroom sink. This chab was big and hunky and I totally threw myself at him. Oh, this chap resisted at first but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. And this man couldn’t say no once his willy was in my face hole! Furthermore, we had a bit of joy for a hardly any weeks and that woman chaser suggested I’d be ideal for 40Something magazine.”

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