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Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma

Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma
Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma @
Our Cuckold Session opens today with 2 of what might be the almost all evil Cuckoldreses we’re ever met: Gia Paloma and Carmen Valentina. Just listen in to their private, "girl conversation"! After dishing out all their obscene secrets about their "white boy experiences", the two drag out their Gimp. All that white boy talk has the two Darksome Ramrod Bimbos all riled up, and who more outstanding to take out all their white fellow frustrations than a Cuckboi who refers to himself as "Fluffy Slave"? After a rather harsh round of humiliation, Carmen tells Gia, "I’ve got a surprise!" It turns out Carmen’s surprise is none other than the legendary Mandingo. How in the world can Fluffy ever compare to almost 14 inches of rock hard darksome meat? The one and the other cuties take turns getting their mouths and slits stretched to the max in advance of "Dingo" drops a greater than typical load all over the two strumpets. It is clean up time for Fluffy, who’s been locked down in chastity since the session began. And after it is all said and done, he’ll be left alone to ponder his own stupid existence.
Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma

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Selfie Time With Daria

Selfie Time With Daria

Selfie Time With Daria

No matter a girl’s nationality, no matter her background or occupation, taking selfies is an international girl hobby that knows no borders. Daria likes doing it also, naturally.

It is fine to watch free and facile, real-girl-next-door Daria in this bonus movie scene. That babe looks wonderful wearing eyeglasses, a taut top and jeans. Our photographer captures her taking selfies for herself and we’ve to see some of ’em on her phone. All phones have a wide-angle lens and that’s helpful when Daria takes her truly larger than standard milk cans out.

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An Ultra-Curvy Redhead Named Alexsis

An Ultra-Curvy Redhead Named Alexsis

An Ultra-Curvy Redhead Named Alexsis

The redhead with a velvety, mellow rack and enormous, beautifully-shaped love muffins is ready for a shower, and whilst she’s succulent and stripped, Alexsis Faye gives herself a hand job. There’s a lot up-top to handle. Then she’s out the door in a bikini and sunglasses to make the bucks who spot her completely kooky.

SCORELAND: What kind of dates do u adore to go on?

Alexsis: I get a little sexually excited when I go on a blind date and I don’t know who is coming.

SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do u love?

Alexsis: A lot of kissing and back-scratching.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with some other girl?

Alexsis: Yep, I have. A blonde girl from Russia who specialized in eating wet crack and making breakfast in the morning.

SCORELAND: Are u into any fetishes?

Alexsis: I adore role-playing where I’m the boss and I interview a stud for my assistant.

SCORELAND: Do u masturbate anyway your web camera displays?

Alexsis: Yep, I used to masturbate outdoors of my webcam room and I even subscribed to porn channels. At night I fib on my sofa and play by myself with my fingers during the time that I view other gals cumming.

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Tabatha Jordan…don’t we know you?

Tabatha Jordan…don’t we know you?

Tabatha Jordan...don't we know u?

Tabatha Jordan, who went by the name Haley Hills when that babe was a SCORE Cutie and feature dancer in the 1990s and early 2000s, makes her debut by taking a lucky dude’s larger than average weenie up her tight little arse.

Tabatha is now 46, and this babe looks great. Golden-haired hair. Taut little body. Large wobblers. That babe is married and has kids. Lives in Florida (this babe is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). It’s always wonderful when a female re-discovers her first love: porn. Although the ram she did as Haley back in the day wasn’t not quite as hot as this. It just goes to expose you, once again, that sweethearts acquire better as they receive old.

Did you know that Tabatha used to be a gymnastics tutor? We did not.

Tabatha loves a gent who can make her chortle. We asked if the people that babe knows would be surprised to see her here, one time again, and that babe told, “It depends on who you ask.” Haley Hills was likewise popular back in the day to keep what that babe did a secret. So maybe people would be surprised that Tabatha is back in the game.

“I like to have my husband check out me masturbate,” Tabatha said. “I adore driving him batty.”

Tabatha told that babe likes anal-copulation “within limitations.” These restrictions have been exceeded in this scene.

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Dazzling Star

Dazzling Star

Dazzling Star

Posing for a skillful photographer was a first-time experience for web camera beauty Erin Star but that babe hopes it will not be her final time cuz that babe truly enjoyed it. We have encountered cam beauties who are scared to leave the comfort zone of their wired-up bedrooms. Thankfully, this was not the case with Erin or her sister Helen.

Erin was slightly nervous at 1st but quickly settled in, partly coz her equally-incredible big sister was around as was our photographer’s translator, XL Goddess and all-around honey Mia Chick. Having watched the results, Erin is pleased.

Natural marangos are almost like fingerprints, differing in shape, nipple size and color, teat size and color, the way they hang and their symmetry. Natural bra-busters are rarely perfectly symmetrical. There are usually variations between the left and right breast. Erin’s left is a little bigger than her right. This babe has larger than standard, pale, veiny teats that are close to six-inches in diameter, the kind that are prized by some breast aficionados. Erin is blessed with all-around great looks from head-to-toe and a enjoyment, girl-next-door personality, a true natural wonder.

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Welcome back, Betty Boobs!

Welcome back, Betty Zeppelins!

Welcome back, Betty Melons!

Rion is walking down the street when his friend’s Mama, Betty, drives up in her car and offers him a ride home. This babe is heading that way, anyway. That babe has to drop off some ram for Rion’s Mamma. Rion knows that his mom’s ally is a hawt lady. What this buck doesn’t know is that in the 1990s, she was big busted porn star and feature dancer Betty Scones. Now she’s just his mom’s friend…who happens to be wearing a taut, little top that exposes off her large bumpers and a short skirt.

So they go inside, and Rion checks out the box of gracious raiment that Betty is giving his Mother. He’s a little put off. Majority lads don’t crave to imagine their mamas wearing hot little outfits.

“I think she’d look great in them,” Betty says.

“Like a slut?” Rion says.

“Do you think I am a floozy?” Betty shoots back.

“You look great, but it’s my Mamma.”

“Do u want me to try it on for u?” Betty asks.

And away we go! At this point, we’re in one-thing-leads-to-another territory, and one thing leads to one more very quickly. That babe asks him if this ladies man desires to touch her marangos. He gives the obvious answer. Previous to lengthy, this woman chaser is touching a lot more, and she’s sucking his wang. Then Betty is spread out on Rion’s parents’ couch, and Rion is fucking her from behind. That chap bonks her each which way cuz Betty, after all, used to be a porno star, and then he cums on her face.

So that is the story of Betty Boobs’ first porn scene in nearly Twenty years. This babe avoided rogering on-camera for a during the time that. Got married and divorced. Had kids. Became a nurse. But now that babe is back in the game!

“I just decided to change it up one more time,” said Betty, who was a star in SCORE mag. “Some might say it is a mid-life crisis, but I have done it before so it isn’t. I love sex. Sex is a lot more fascinating now. You chill out more. It is more joy. They say when you hit Fourty, sex receives more priceless, and I guess it’s so.”

Welcome back, Betty Pantoons! We’re proud to have her at

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Red-hot MILF Claudia gets ass-fucked by the gardener

Red-hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE Claudia receives ass-fucked by the gardener

Red-hot SEXY HOUSEWIFE Claudia gets ass-fucked by the gardener

Claudia Fox, who’s Fifty one years old and one of the hottest, sexiest MILFS we’ve ever seen, is on the phone with a ally. That babe checks out the petticoat chaser who’s working in her backyard and tells her ally that that babe is gonna be late.

“I’ll be right over,” Claudia says. “I just need to do one quick thing.”

Not also quick. Giving a quality oral and getting ass-fucked in each porno position known to buck takes time.

Claudia walks over to the woman chaser and touches his booty. He is taken aback but pleasantly surprised.

“Do u wanna be a truly wicked gardener this day?” Claudia asks.

Damn right this chap does! Claudia’s got a smoking body and that babe is wearing fuck-me pumps. There isn’t a guy in the world who could turn her down. And now we’ve got her at Favourable us!

Claudia is married. The lucky lad need to be doing something right. That babe has 2 kids. She was born in Mexico City and lives in Southern California. There’s definitely something about those SoCal MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK. This babe can’t live without a charmer who’s “large where it counts.”

“In his wallet?” we asked her.

That babe laughed. “No. His knob!”

That babe dresses to attract attention and that babe does attract attention.

“Group sex is my gigantic fetish,” this babe said. “I wish to try DP.”

This babe came to the right place.

Watch More of Claudia Fox at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

What’s been going on, Betty Boobs?

What’s been going on, Betty Bosoms?

What's been going on, Betty Boobies?

Betty Whoppers, a monster titted pornstar of the 1990s, tells us all about herself and what happened betwixt the two porn stages of her life–the one back then and the one she is beginning now–in an exclusive interview.

Betty used to be a feature dancer and sex star. She was a larger than standard deal in SCORE mag. That was Twenty years ago, almost to the day. Then that babe left porn and started a new life.

“I was a mommy,” she told. “They’re all raised, so now it is mommy’s turn, and I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I just decided to change it up once more. Some might say it is a mid-life crisis, but I’ve done it previous to so it isn’t.”

You could say Betty is diving in all the way. Not only is she screwing on-camera afresh, she’s also banging off-camera in a Nevada brothel. Nursing ramrods, so to speak.

“I’m still taking care of people’s needs but in a different manner,” she told.

In this interview, Betty tells us about sex with babes, the kind of lads she loves, the affair that babe had with an 18-year-old when this babe was in her 30’s, the 80-year-old she rogered and having sex in public places.

And, yet, when we asked Betty to name her superlatively nice asset, this babe told, “I’m very carefree and calm. I’m a peacemaker.”

That may be true, but she sure is causing a commotion in our pants.

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Anal Creampie Angel

Anal Creampie Angel

Anal Creampie Angel

It is his one-man bachelor party and Angel Wicky is his entertainer of the evening in this exotic dancing club. That babe is all pink and blonde and sugar-sweet. Gal promises to give the groom a brandish and a sexy dance he’ll at no time forget. It might even make him change his marriage plans.

A born exhibitionist, Goddess dances in her hypnotic dress on the stage of the intimate champagne room and displays her consummate body at her seated guest. That babe taunts and tanalizes him about having pleasure on his “last night.” Cutie shakes and jiggles her greater than typical whoppers. She turns around and rotates her fine ass. Her spell is cast. A stud would need the willpower of a kung-fu monk to resist this Beauty.

Hovering over him, Hotty unleashes her twins from her bikini top, pushing her scoops in his face and giving him some deep cleavage to motorboat. This chab worships these fuckable tits, sucking her teats and sinking his fingers in her velvety tit-flesh.

Angel’s bachelor-party peculiar receives hotter than usual. This babe lovingly unzips his pants and takes his prick out to engulf. It pops out vertical love a meat switch-blade much to Angel’s kittenish purrs and sounds of fun. That babe takes it in her hand and wipes it on one nipp, spits on it and starts her accustomed oral sex.

Goddess gets on her back so that buck can slip it between her unfathomable deep cleavage. Heading south, he spreads her fur pie lips so this ladies man can tongue-tickle her candy box. That drives her insane and prepared for penetration. Hotty is so sexy the devil’s lady would be jealous.

Mr. Groom fucks Angel’s freshly juicy cunt and then puts her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl. That babe lowers herself and his dick slides deeply into her asshole. That man may change his mind about marriage after doing the push-push in Angel’s wazoo and dropping his jism inside Angel’s fascinating butt-pipe.

One more heavenly hooter hump by the ass-tonishingly glamorous Beauty Wicky! Thanks, Goddess for what we are about to receive!

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Claudia’s first time…and she does anal!

Claudia’s 1st time…and that babe does anal!

Claudia's first time...and that babe does anal!

Yeah, Claudia Fox, the dominant-bitch you’re seeing here, is Fifty years mature. Since we can not show u her driver’s license, you’re just plan to need to take our word for it. That babe looks no more than Fourty, but that babe is 50. The boy that babe copulates in this scene, her first on-camera copulate, couldn’t believe it, either. But it’s true.

That babe likewise takes a big porn schlong up her butt in this scene. U don’t must take our word for that. U can watch it in the photos and, next, in the movie. Claudia receives an anal sex cream pie, also.

Claudia is married and has two kids. She was born in Mexico Town and lives in Southern California. She is solely five-feet tall and weighs approximately 95 pounds.

“Swinging led to this,” Claudia said. “Plus, I like watching porn and playing with myself. I do it at least once a day. I’ve even done it publicly where there was a chance I could get caught.”

We asked Claudia if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and that babe said, “Yes and no. I suppose almost all people would end up being not likewise surprised other than that I really did it.”

Meaning, they’d await this from her…they just wouldn’t have thought she’d truly go throughout with it. Which that babe did, and she loved it.

Claudia enjoys watching baseball and ice hockey. The St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues are her teams. She’s into Zumba. And, she told, “I adore to be looked at wherever I go. I wear tight jeans or short skirts. I adore to unveil off my mammaries, too.”

They’re worthwhile. Very priceless. Just love the rest of her.

Watch More of Claudia Fox at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

Puma Claimed Swedish Girls Are The Hottest

Puma Claimed Swedish Beauties Are The Hottest

Puma Claimed Swedish Gals Are The Hottest

The topmost Scandinavian sexbomb, Puma Swede, contends that her Lothario countrywomen back home are the hottest, the horniest, the wettest and the majority gracious fuck partners in the world.

In a quest for verification of this cocky statement, SCORE invited Puma to prove it by putting our representative-cock where her mouth is in a copulate palace decorated like an Egyptian temple. The Swedish ski lodge room was taken.

Puma assented to back up her claims of Scandinavian fucking superiority with visual documentation of her meat-thermometer slaloming. Sexology Doctors Kinsey, Masters and Johnson would have fallen deeply in like with this complex girl. Puma is a role model for all Nordic nymphomaniacs. We have not ever detected anyone from her part of the world as sexy-wild as she’s.

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Princess Of Pumpkins

Princess Of Pumpkins

Princess Of Pumpkins

Princess Pumpkins always reminds us of the SCORE Gals of the Larger than run of the mill ’90s such as SaRenna Lee and Big busted Dusty. Some of our models weren’t born during the peak years of Angelique and Tiffany Towers and Princess is one of ’em. In a way, they’ve picked up the torch and are carrying it high.

SCORELAND: Do you have any much loved sci-fi dream characters, TV brandishes, movie scenes, books and graphic novels?

Princess: Generally I can not pick one of anything! My favorite dream characters are Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern. My favourite TV flaunts are Rick and Morty and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My favorite clips are Stardust and The Fifth Element, and my beloved comic book is Saga.

SCORELAND: What do u like to do most on any free night, away from the computer?

Princess: If I’m in a relaxed mood, I’ll just wanna invite some friends over, hang out, play some clip games and just chill. However, if I am feeling frisky, the cuties and I will receive all dolled up, hit the town and see how many guys’ eyeballs pop without their head during the time that I try to keep my boobs contained in a dress.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you love to wear?

Princess: If I truly have to wear one then I make sure it’s the least-covering one humanly possible. I’ll take slight dipping over a bathing suit any day of the week!

SCORELAND: What is something you have attempted but will not at all do anew?

Princess: I have done a lot, and in all honesty I can not say there’s everything I wouldn’t do afresh. Twice.

Watch More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!

1990s big-tit star Betty Boobs rides again!

1990s big-tit star Betty Breasts rides anew!

1990s big-tit star Betty Tits rides again!

In the mid-1990s, Betty Love melons was a big-deal big-boobed star who posed for SCORE mag, which is as admirable as it gets in the world of billibongs. That babe banged on-camera, also, and had a stupendous following. Back then, that babe was in her mid-20s. Now, she’s Fourty five years aged. She is a nurse, but she decided to acquire back into mouthing and screwing on-camera, which just goes to flaunt that you can take the jock out of the porno star but she’s just plan to put it back in.

“It’s not quite 20 years to the month since I final discharged a scene,” said Betty, who lives in Las Vegas. “I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I was a mama. They’re all raised, so now it’s mommy’s turn, and I just decided to change it up another time. Some might say it’s a mid-life crisis, but I have done it before so it isn’t.”

And there’s this: “I love sex.”

Betty has three kids. She’s also a grandmother, but this babe doesn’t call herself a GILF.

“I think that is an age thing,” this babe told. “Not until you’re 60 can u call yourself a GILF.”

As for sex in her Fourtys, she told, “It’s a lot more sweet now. You relax more. It is more joy.”

And get this: Betty recently started working in a bordello, so her career path has gone model/dancer-ICU nurse-mother-porn star/hooker.

“I’m still taking care of people’s needs but in a different manner,” that babe told.

In this scene, Betty picks up her friend’s 26-year-old son while he’s walking home and decides to suck his dick and bonk him. Betty shows off her killer flexibility-she’s thinking of entering some pole stripping competitions-and definitely doesn’t demure away when this chab blasts his load onto her face.

Welcome back, Betty Mangos!

Watch More of Betty Whoppers at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

How To Pick Up Big-boobed Hotties

How To Pick Up Big-boobed Babes

How To Pick Up Big-boobed Hotties

Dulcinea is on foot looking for a friend’s address. She’s using her phone to guide her, but that’s not working also well. A top-heavy tourist in town, she is lost. Tony comes to her rescue, stopping his car in the midst of the street when this chab sees this bosomy dark brown. This petticoat chaser offers to drive this curvy stranger over and once they need to the abode, he gives her a welcome group-sex to kick off her vacation in a flaunt of heartwarming local hospitality.

“Most people would probably guess my bosoms are what I consider almost all gracious about me but after spending time with a lot of bucks and hotties, it is almost any definitely my eyes,” Dulcinea told. “I love putting on a bit of makeup to emphasize ’em and then taking my time with a long, sloppy oral-sex, making eye contact the complete time. The merely reason bucks last is cuz I draw out the tanalize. If I can tell they’re close, I just softly say, ‘Wanna cum on my beautiful face?’ Boom! Instant agonorgasmos!”

Which SCORELAND models does that babe extremely admire and would like to meet one day?

“I have so many I admire! My partner and I are truly into Sha Rizel and Hitomi, and I’d love to hang out with Milly Marks, Jennica Lynn, and Micky Bells.”

Dulcinea’s got a much higher sex drive compared to the vixens she’s known.

“Definitely! Lots of girls are somewhat repressed and watch sex as type of a ‘duty.’ This is odd to me coz I like banging! And I love to do it all the time. It is likewise surprising to detect out that tons of gals do not get into it. I am like, ‘You haven’t come so hard u blacked out? You don’t grind his schlong until you cant move?!’ That is rogering sex!”

A swinger, Dulcinea’s savouring the ride.

“Everyone has been so supportive. The majority fantastic reaction was definitely with one of our swinger friends, though. That charmer was so stoked I did nude modeling so that Lothario wanted to observe it before he and his wife played with my partner and I. It was simple to tell he was actually relishing watching me cuz he got crazy rock hard in the first scarcely any seconds. I was likewise nervous to make the 1st move, but I should’ve gotten things started by sucking his shlong right there!”

Watch More of Dulcinea at SCORELAND.COM!

Very young cock for Silva Foxx

Very youthful penis for Silva Foxx

Very juvenile jock for Silva Foxx

Silver-haired Silva Foxx, who’s 62 years aged, had her wildest raunchy experience (outdoors of, certainly) on a motorcycle.

“I was driving my Kawasaki 500 with a short skirt and no briefs,” this babe told, “and this chab was doing me doggy style.”

Here, Silva gets done each which way by a 23-year-old fellow who’s been doing some housework for her. When Silva 1st visited our studio to break her porno cherry, we asked her if she’d ever had sex with a much-younger ladies man, and she said, “No, but it’s not also late to begin now!”

So, since we made her acquaintance, we have been pairing her up with a lot of younger hawt bucks although none as young as this stud. Did this chab relish her slit? You wager that stud did! The verification is in the cum discharged.

Silva isn’t a swinger but she sometimes picks up males in bars. That’s ok with her significant other (she’s engaged). That babe was a nudist when she lived in California but not anymore. As you know, this babe was sent our way by another 60Plus MILF, Leah L’Amour, which goes to brandish u that Leah has a admirable eye for hawt hotty’s.

Silva is into hotties. That babe is had sex with Leah and lots of other gals. But here, her focus is on the ramrod. This babe knows what she’s doing.

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Sizi Sev

Sizi Sev Sizi Sev
Sizi Sev @
Sizi Sev has had a crush on her white woman chaser neighbour ever since that petticoat chaser moved into the neighborhood. When that babe saw the moving trucks in front of her place, Sizi realized it was now…or at no time. She is wanted to bonk her sexy neighbor for so lengthy, and this is her chance. Sizi finds him in the backyard, stressed without his mind, yelling into the phone. The movers drilled up, and Sizi knows this is the perfect time to help alleviate his stress! Sizi makes the first move, and it doesn’t take long in advance of his hard, white schlong is skull fucking her. Speaking of rogering, investigate Sizi, bent over the diving board, getting her swarthy slit slammed! In fact, Sizi’s 1st agonorgasmos is so loud, they move in to the house, in case Sizi’s parents hear her passionate groans! And once on the ottoman, it is over. Sizi receives the dick-down of her life, cumming over and over, and at one point this babe even squirts a giant load of wet crack cum all over the daybed! Speaking of mammoth loads, expect til u watch the size of the load Sizi’s catches directly in her face hole…and all over her beautiful face!
Sizi Sev Sizi Sev
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