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Sandra Star – The Working Man’s Ultimate Fantasy

The Working Man’s Topmost Fantasy

The Working Man's Supreme Fantasy

Here we’ve every electrician’s dream as well as the goal of each fellow who can’t live without impressive, slender blondes with big, high-riding love muffins. Mr. Electric has been called to Sandra Star’s place to repair a light fixture. She’s wearing a constricted, cleavage-baring costume that flaunts off her bod and a brassiere that makes her tits stick straight out. Shocking! While he’s checking to watch what the problem is, Sandra is checking him out.

Sandra (April 2016 SCORE covergirl) has him sit next to her on the bed and when this gent tries to present her with the bill, this chab acquires an eyeful of her jutting, jolting mounds. His dad steered him right when that skirt chaser told him to learn a trade. Sandra lowers the top of her suit and her brassiere, revealing her naked mammaries, and suggests him smth admirable to suckle. This chab takes her up on her overture and in advance of lengthy, Sandra is hanging over his lap, mouthing and licking his shaft. The sparks are indeed flying.

Sandra lies back on the ottoman and lifts her high-heeled feet up so her fresh friend can pull off her panties, spread her pink flaps and lick the pink center. Sandra’s moans, her crazy-sexy body and her gyrations of joy action adore an aphrodisiac, frying his circuits. This chab plugs his cable into her tight socket and they blow their fuses.

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Victoria Versaci – Surprise! Victoria is fucking for all the world to see!

Surprise! Victoria is screwing for all the world to see!

Surprise! Victoria is banging for all the world to watch!

First-timer Victoria Versaci doesn’t costume like a gogo dancer, but she did for us. The fact that this babe dresses conservatively “but to still reveal my curves,” as that babe put it, at least partly explains why this 52-year-old divorcee doesn’t acquire hit on a lot when this babe strolls along the beach in Los Angeles. We say “partly explains” because you need to wonder why chaps aren’t all over her greater than average pantoons and monumental, round butt.

“Maybe they are intimidated,” told Victoria, who was born in Mexico.

Maybe, but when u see how Victoria sucks and screws Tarzan’s 10-Pounder in this scene, you’ll know that she’s worth the dare.

In the interview portion of this clip, Victoria brandishes off her arse. Later, she shows us her deep-throating skills. And then the rogering begins.

But wouldn’t you love to know a little bit more about this hawt Latin babe? Of course you would.

She likes Sylvester Stallone movies, watching soccer, intend to the Health Undress club, lengthy walks and traveling.

“I like worthwhile boys who know how to treat a lady right.”

Her sexual dream is to have sex with 2 fellows at the same time.

Some of the people who know her would be surprised to see her here. “Others, not so much.”

She’s been a businesswoman. This babe is been a housewife. And now, she’s a 50PlusMILF.

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Jessica Torres – Fucking Jessica without the wait

Banging Jessica with out the expect

<b>Banging Jessica out of the await</b>” title=”<b>Rogering Jessica without the await</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Now it’s time for 40-year-old Jessica Torres’ first XXX movie. Jessica, a divorcee and Mother who was born in the Phillippines and lives in Chicago, said us, “I at not time thought I would do anything love this.” That being said, this babe does it well.

In the clip interview that precedes the screwing, Jessica says this babe is not an facile lay. Sex on the first date? No way. Maybe a peck on the cheek. Maybe a orall-service by the fourth date. Maybe sex after a month.

Of course, things are different in a porn studio. Tony, who that babe just met, gets into Jessica’s face hole and vagina right away. Priceless deal for him, and we must jack to the act.

Jessica is 5’7″ and weighs about 134 pounds. That babe has brown hair and wonderful bra-busters. That babe enjoys watching soccer and movie scenes. This babe has three kids. That babe has owned a restaurant, a clothing store and a tax preparation service. This babe likes to be observed during the time that having sex. That’s a worthwhile thing for her. And for us.

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Paris Lorenz – Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

An important shipment of Doc Johnson sex tools and other toys has arrived at SCORE headquarters in time for the Toys For Melons parade. Paris Lorenz, glamour model, pornstar, office manager, fake penis inspector and part-time accountant, stops the delivery man to identify out the shipment.

Paris rips open a box, takes out a toy and starts plugging herself on the hallway floor, not bothering to discover one of the studio beds. That babe quickly realizes that only real ramrod is plan to satisfy her so she begins sucking Tony’s erection. That petticoat chaser is watched her in vertical amazement since that ladies man unloaded his cart and can’t believe his worthy luck. Paris sucks his shlong and balls adore she just got without a convent. That man copulates her rigid over a trash barrel and on the floor and finishes up by dousing her bigger than typical milk sacks.

Paris is from the horniest nation on the planet, relative to square miles and population size, the Czech Republic. That babe said one day she wants to identify the consummate ladies man to get married to. To which we say, don’t worry, Paris, one day your prince will cum. On your large milk cans, face, arse, etc.

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Crystal Gunns – The Gunns’ Double Feature

The Gunns’ Double Feature

The Gunns' Double Feature

In part one of “The Gunns’ Double Feature,” Crystal Gunns tries out one of the nutty fuck machines created by KensTwistedMind. In part two, Crystal undresses and lap dances in a scene filmed in P.O.V.

Crystal’s fans are still as passionate as ever despite the fact that she’s no longer dancing and modeling. One fan from Canada even has a tattoo of Crystal (that dude sent a picture of it) and tries to collect every movie scene and photo this babe ever shot.

“One gent wrote an essay about me for a high school class,” told Crystal. “He’s from Florida. This Lothario got an A on it. I truly have a copy of it somewhere. It was supposed to be a paper about memorable people or different people, and this man decided to write about me. I’ll at no time forget it. He came to the club, and he was there every night. This ladies man just sitting there and just viewed and wrote and wrote and wrote.”

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Victoria Versaci – Victoria the big-assed Mexican MILF

Victoria the big-assed Mexican Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK

Victoria the larger than run of the mill butted Mexican MILF

“I adore chaps who know how to treat a lady right,” says 52-year-old Victoria Versaci, a first-timer who knows how to treat males right judging by the way this babe swallows Tarzan’s 10-Pounder. Sexy Victoria, who’s Mexican and lives in Los Angeles, hadn’t had sex in 2 months in advance of she walked into our studio. She’s one hungry headmistress.

Victoria is wearing a costume that her DD-cup bumpers are pouring out of. The costume hugs her massive, round wazoo, which that babe happily flaunts off. This divorcee and SEXY HOUSEWIFE had by no means had sex on-camera previous to she came here, so that babe was nervous and randy. But it doesn’t flaunt when she begins fucking.

Victoria is a businesswoman. She was a hostess in a exotic dancing club for a during the time that and gave lapdances. This babe did not disrobe. That babe just gave lapdances. She’s not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. We detected her on Twitter. She fantasizes about having 2 guys at the same time and says she doesn’t have sex often sufficient.

We’re gonna watch what we can do about that.

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Jazmine – Tight Fit

Tight Fit

Tight Fit

After Jazmine worked over Johnny’s with a drooling blow job, he was accustomed to fit his meat-axe into her beautiful pink hole. It was a taut, taut fit, to be sure. Jazmine’s a slight, gorgeous goddess with large bazookas and that babe can’t live with out large dicks. Her hot lips stretched around his wang and filled her throat. Let us be honest, this is better than anything playing on cable or at your local multiplex. Jazmine is from Fresh York and lives in Florida where that babe can walk around in swimsuits.

Jazmine told us her peculiar talent. “I’m admirable at driving a stick shift,” that babe told. We can watch that in this movie scene. Her stick handling is professional level. Jazmine loves being fucked doggie-style and sitting on top. She likes her butt slapped and her hair pulled. She’s made to have a worthy time on the mattress.

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Eva Karera – Sex Spa

Sex Spa

Sex Spa

Peter Green’s at a spa to acquire a rubdown. At the front desk, Eva Karera receives faster service than this ladies man does. Well, that babe is a cutie. And this babe has bigger in size than run of the mill mellons and a sexy body. So what do u await? Eva rushes off to one of the rubdown rooms and prepares for her full body treatment.

Peter is interested in her and a sneaky, rotten plan percolates in his brain. He plans to bang this hotty. This chab sneaks into the room where Eva is already exposed on her tummy and pretends to be taking over for Ingrid, Eva’s regular cutie. He not quite copulates up his scam by calling himself a masseuse instead of a masseur but Eva doesn’t catch it. But this babe does think something’s hinky when that gent spills rubdown baby oil in her hair and isn’t wearing a spa shirt. Eva finally realizes this buck is a con guy when this babe recognizes him from the front desk but she lets him proceed his hands-on work.

When Peter rubs down Eva’s large mounds and toned hips and sees she’s getting turned on, that charmer moves into high gear and finger-bangs her, then licks her wet crack. This babe reaches for his hardon and this rubdown is over in advance of it begins! Previous to the workers can investigate what’s going on and rush in there, Eva and Peter are fucking their brains out.

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Candace Von – Street Whore Fucks

Street Doxy Shags

Street Slut Fucks

Please take notes during the screening of this movie. There will be a quiz later. View how some street sluts behave in their natural habitat. They are as comfortable in a garbage-strewn back alley as they are in the swankiest of penthouses. Yet these are not common street whores.

Candace Von, Veronica Rayne and Whitney Stevens are alluring, big busted and young yet they are drawn to sucking and screwing the vertical ramrods of ho-seeking strangers for cash. What compels ’em to blow and copulate bums, office managers, lawyers, bankers and politicians, accept their money and not at all see them afresh?

We shall attempt to study why in the next Twenty seven minutes in the film “Street Doxy Fucks.” In the opener, Eric exhorts his ally Colton to seize all the gusto this gent can. To this end, they drive to the nearest hooker alley where they encounter the finest-looking ladies of the evening (in this case, the afternoon). They retire to Eric’s ritzy crib where we are privy to the all-important hooker negotiation process before the beauties attach their pleasing lips to their client’s meat-axes. Specie is king in their world so save your praises and syrupy poems for the beauty next door.

Some prostitutes hold business and marketing degrees that they put to work in the field during the course of their labors. It’s obvious we are observing competent cocksuckers at work. Veronica, the nastiest of the streetwalkers, even permits deliveries in the rear. Take notes as Candace, Veronica and Whitney spread their snatch lips and bounce on the gents’ schlongs in a variety of prostitutional positions.

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Tiggle Bitties – Boobs That Cause Brain Freeze

Mangos That Cause Brain Freeze

Boobs That Cause Brain Freeze

Yeah, you’re looking at a girl whose big, natural bouncy bosoms cause the syndrome known as brain freeze. In severe cases, the viewer cannot move his limbs for up to 15 minutes. Such is the effect Tiggle Bitties has on the male nervous system.

Tiggle was asked about her large, natural milk sacks. Why are they so much pleasure? Love we did not know.

“It’s the physics,” explained Tiggle. “That’s what’s great about my bosoms. I do not know about all natural titties, but you jiggle them, and they’re just a water balloon of fantastic. And the weight. It’s just so great. I truly sometimes discover myself motor-boating myself at home or just laying my head down in my scoops. They’re so greater than run of the mill and velvety.”

This might be a first, ladies and gentlemen. No one has ever told in the SCORE studio that she motorboats her own large bouncy bosoms.

“I not at any time heard of SCORELAND until I broke into adult modeling through camming, and one of my fans [S.C.] told me about u boyz. I went to the web resource and I loved that you are all about natural which is so exciting cuz not much porn is all about large, natural marangos with stretch marks and veins and all that enjoyable ram, so all that impressed me.”

And Tiggle impresses every diehard breast lady-killer, ‘cuz as they say, “It’s all about the fun bags first.”

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Jessica Torres – Good girls do

Admirable beauties do

<b>Admirable beauties do</b>” title=”<b>Fine gals do</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=“I by no means thought I would do everything like this,” said Jessica Torres, a 40-year-old divorcee and Mamma of three from Illinois (She was born in the Phillippines). “My friends and family will wonder what happened.”

What happened? Lengthy story. Yeah, Jessica can’t live with out having sex, but having sex on-camera, doing porn, wasn’t on her to-do list until cash needs sent her our way. Nice for us. Turned out it was precious for her, likewise. She enjoyed herself.

We asked Jessica if she’s ever picked up a boy and taken him home or had sex on a first date, and this babe told, “Never. I am not like that.”

How lengthy does a smooth operator must await?

“About a month. U may get a oral on the 4th date. Maybe.” If a lady-killer tries likewise stiff, “He’s gone.”

“I’m a precious girl,” this babe told.

“I am,” that babe insisted.

It is not that she doesn’t wanna have sex before a month has passed. She does. But that babe doesn’t crave dudes to think she’s easy.

Then another time, there is Tony here. This chab is by no means even dated Jessica and he’s getting to have sex with her. Porn’s a eager thing. A priceless crazy thing.

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Luna Azul – Sally and Luna do JMac

Sally and Luna do JMac

Sally and Luna do JMac

In an epic pairing of superstar GILFs with a big-cocked stud, Luna Azul, 64, and Sally D’Angelo, 61, team up on JMac. In this scene, JMac is Luna’s step-son. She’s had her eyes on him for a during the time that. She and Sally are having coffee. Sally, who’s always concupiscent, eyes JMac and tells Luna this babe remembers him from when he was a little kid. JMac isn’t little anymore, as Sally and Luna quickly find.

Sally said us that this babe has viewed her scenes with her spouse.

“They were sexy and we fucked,” Sally said.

Luna has not watched her scenes, but that babe says they made her “more aware of my sexuality.”

Luna’s sexuality is something we’ve always been aware of.

Luna’s top 3 sexual encounters were “in the back of a MPV, with a sexy Italian and his brother and in an airplane bath.”

We’re guessing that this scene is gonna crack the top three.

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Kianna Dior – Are Busty Asians The Nastiest?

Are Big breasted Asians The Nastiest?

Are Big breasted Asians The Nastiest?

We’ve said this in advance of about Kianna Dior. This babe deserves, but has not at all won, an Adult Episode News award at the annual Las Vegas expo. One of the highest, if not the high-reaching, cocksuckers in porn, Kianna is a gal who sloppily worships the meat-thermometer with every ounce of devotion she is got in her curvacious, busty body. A gallon of spit and drool comes out of her mouth as that babe noisily sucks the shaft and balls and she’s in no hurry to move on to the next erotic act. That babe has a dirty-talking, jizz-demanding throat that should be studied by girls seeking to improve their porn skills.

Hulking Knob Fontana works Kianna over with his bull-like cock and she takes each second of this torment, taking his meat out of her throat to take a scarcely any unfathomable breaths before resuming this grueling shag bout. Some other sex star might daydream about some gorgeous gent kissing her neck but Kianna is grounded in the reality of the pont of time being a big boobed Oriental doxy fuck-toy and getting pounded by a bruiser.

“Most of the time in my personal life, I rest a lot!” Kianna explained. “I receive enough sex in my episodes. And I not quite at no time masturbate. When I’m slutty, I have sex. I like rod a lot. And I love pussy, too, certainly. I have always been very carnal. When I got aged sufficient, I used to take my hubby down to the peep exposes in Vancouver. He’d be like, ‘Can’t we just have normal sex once in a whilst, adore in a ottoman?’ but I loved having sex in the peep-show booths. It was so nasty!”

That is the key to Kianna. That babe is played a wicked beauty with a well-groomed appearance in her videos so much, this babe is become one.

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Persia Monir – Breast of Busty MILF Titfucks & Blow Jobs

Breast of Big-Boob Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK Titfucks & Blow Jobs

Breast of Big busted HORNY HOUSEWIFE Titfucks & Blow Jobs

When mature, accustomed women receive their hands on a man’s knob, suck it and tit-fuck it, he’s in for a ride to naughty town. There are no greater proponents of raw sexual nastiness than big-tit M.I.L.F.S. Persia Monir, Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo.

In “The Breast of Big-Boob MILF Titfucks & Blow Jobs,” Dr. Persia has to check the junk of her patient and she makes sure she does a whole check-up with her hands and face hole. In today’s era of electronic medical scanners, it’s wonderful that that babe sticks to the old-school way of hands-on examinations.

Meanwhile, cowgirls Rita and Sally bust down the barn, jerking and mouthing a cowboy they’ve corralled in the stable. They milk his nuts until they get his valuable bodily fluids all over their big hooters and faces, then exchange his goo adore the messy strumpets they are.

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Luna Azul – Sally and Luna fuck Luna’s step-son

Sally and Luna screw Luna’s step-son

Sally and Luna shag Luna's step-son

Sally D’Angelo and Luna Azul, two of the horniest, sexiest 60PlusMILFs ever, are sat and having coffee and talking about how concupiscent they are. The fact is, those ladies could receive screwed non-stop for 12 hours by half a football team and still say they’re not getting enough. JMac reveals up and has a seat on the couch.

“That’s my step-son,” 64-year-old Luna tells Sally.

Sally, 61, is astonished. “He was just a little buck final time I saw him,” that babe says.

“I think this chab is so hawt,” Luna says, “but he is my step-son, and there are boundaries.”

“What boundaries?” Sally says.

Our thoughts exactly.

“Have you ever observed him?” Sally says. This babe means his shlong, certainly. Luna tells Sally about the time that babe was showering and caught JMac watching and jacking off.

Which is all Sally needs to hear. The ladies walk over to JMac, and the act begins.

This is indecent ram with plenty of ball-licking, the kind of stuff we expect from Sally and Luna.

Sally has now had 3somes with Rita Daniels, Cara Reid and Luna Azul. That’s a GILF Hall of Fame.

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Amber Reiz – What would her family say?

What would her family say?

<b>What would her family say?</b>” title=”<b>What would her family say?</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=“I’ve at no time been an model,” said Amber Reiz, a 47-year-old divorcee from Puerto Rico who lives in Florida. “This is my 1st time, and it’s love a dream come true. I wanna be in the magazines and become very celebrated.”

Amber is scheduled to appear in 40 something mag, and with her pics and movie scenes on, she is now more-famous than 99% of the population. She’s becoming renowned by not only telling us all about herself but by sucking and fucking Tarzan’s weenie.

“I found you on CraigsList,” Amber told. “I come from a very strict and conservative family.”

Amber’s breaking the mold.

That babe is a Mama of four and a grandmother of one. She is a licensed rubdown therapist. She’s not a swinger or a nudist. This babe told us, “You can be hawt wearing tons of alluring clothes and still create a reaction.”

By the way, Amber has not at any time had ace shag. We’re going to take care of that next time we watch her.

Amber can likewise be sexy wearing nothing at all. Watch how you react.

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