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Arjana – Arjana Gets What She Wants.

Arjana Acquires What This babe Urges.

Arjana Receives What This babe Desires.

“I have taught Italian. I worked for the town council in my town. I have done psychological counseling for prisoners. But I have not at any time done this. I have have always wanted to!”

So says Arjana, a 53-year-old wife and Mama of three from the Czechia who’s rogering on-camera for the first time. Arjana likes guys who are gentle and compliant, although in this scene, she’s definitely letting the Lothario have his way with her. This babe enjoys swimming. That babe enjoys dancing and plan to restaurants. And this babe is writing a book about sex.

“I know a lot about it!” Arjana said.

We can tell.

Arjana is not a swinger but this babe is a nudist. She finds it hot when “the boy knows how to treat a woman nicely.” That babe doesn’t have any fetishes. That babe doesn’t masturbate. That babe has sex 2 or three times a week and cums from her hubby going down on her.

“I’m very assured,” she says. “What I am doing here appears to be like something I’d do in my real life.”

She means taking control of a situation and going after what that babe wants: the stud’s wang. Welcome to, Arjana.

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Cassitty – Two Busted Girls On One Cock

2 Busted Girls On One Wang

Two Busted Girls On One Cock

In 2001, we identified the extraordinary Africa Sexxx. Cassitty followed in 2002. Their match-up was made in hooter heaven.

This Classic copulate party pairs off one favourable bastard sharing his seed with the 2 cock-loving tit-stars. It takes a beefy petticoat chaser to handle just one of ’em. Imagine their combined boobage! They have king-size, real mellons and greedy pussies. Screwing and jizzing one as well as the other of them at the same time is a Herculean task but Lee was up for it.

Cassitty and Africa share areolas and lock lips whilst Lee watches and jacks. They call him forward to join in. Africa sucks on his penis first while Cassitty watches. They share the hard-on, Cassitty’s head between Africa’s larger than typical tits.

Cassitty tit-fucks Lee during the time that Africa sits on the floor and licks his taint, the place betwixt the balls and Gazoo. Cassitty tongues Africa’s slit whilst that babe sucks weenie. The screw and engulf position list gets more complex as they release their porn energy. Looks adore they’ve been speed-reading the Kama Sutra!

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Sensual Jane – Lady Jane

Female Jane

Lady Jane

And now for someone who hasn’t been in SCORELAND in two years. Romanian adult star Sensual Jane is not the kind of goddess you’d bring home to Mom but Daddy would sure appreciate the gesture. Jane’s life revolves around rogering. She’s a wild one, yet if u saw her in person, you probably wouldn’t guess she’s into porn because that babe has a low-key style and way of dressing. You’d think that babe was an impressive businesswoman with bigger in size than standard natural titties. However… “I have sex nearly daily,” Jane said our photographer as he discharged this new SCORE photo discharge. “I have so much sex that I don’t have time to masturbate.” One thing Jane desires to try that she hasn’t is something that has its ups and downs: sex in an elevator. She’ll probably get around to trying that one of these days.

Jane doesn’t play or look at sports although that babe can’t live without to ski, go to spas and work-out. That babe says she doesn’t have many hobbies but this babe can’t live out of to tour and sight-see, and being a sex star has taken her all over Europe. “I have not much spare time but I adore to read books,” Jane adds.

Jane says this babe doesn’t dress in a way to direct attention to her marangos or her wazoo. That babe won’t go to dinner in a petticoat that exposes the undercleavage of her a-hole. “I just suit to feel comfortable about myself. I do not do anything spectacular cuz my love melons attract the attention in any case!” No matter what Jane wears, anywhere she goes, everyone’s eyes always zero in on her big scones.

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Holly Claus – Ass-fucked and gaping

Ass-fucked and gaping

Ass-fucked and gaping

“Do u like those? Are they big sufficient for u?” mountainous titted 41-year-old Holly says to her chap at the kick off of this scene. She’s wearing hawt lingerie that her DD-cups are pouring out of and, understandably, this fellow cant keep his hands off her. Then this chab is digging deep down her knickers for cookie, and this babe is getting hornier by the second.

“I love it when u show me who’s in charge,” she says. “You’re making me so damp.”

Holly’s love bubbles come out. Then this babe receives on all fours to show him her surprise: a multi-pierced pussy.

“I decorated it for you,” that babe says.

What she didn’t need to decorate is her anal opening, which receives tag-teamed unbending and unfathomable later in the scene in just about each position, culminating in missionary, which is how her a-hole is getting rogered when the stud cums inside. Holly widens her butt wide with her hands and gets her legs back, a real wench position, then fingers her snatch during the time that her anus gapes.

Milk sacks? Did somebody say fullsome funbags? By this time, it is all about Holly’s butthole.

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Selexia Rae – Confessions Of A Hot Lady

Confessions Of A Hot Domina

Confessions Of A Hawt Lady

“I have different sides,” Selexia Rae says. “Sometimes I like to be the controlling one with a man. Sometimes I adore to be the submissive one. I’m ambisexual so a goddess is always welcomed into the mix. Honeys are extremely sexual to me.”

“One of my kinkiest moments was in the training room of a Major League baseball facility. It was very hot. But I can’t say which ball lap dancing club or with who.”

“I like to be spanked but not likewise inflexible. With a hand, not with any kind of paddle or everything. The sound of a hand slapping my wazoo and the sting turns me on. But like I told, not too stiff. Just rock hard enough.”

“I have no problem getting things started in couch. I’ll wake up a hubby in the middle of the night with a oral sex if I wake up from a hawt fantasy and feel excited.”

“I tend to not at any time hold back. I do what makes me happy. When I am in a relationship, I like sex 2 times a day. When I am single, I take care of myself daily.”

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Arjana – A Very Happy Ending

A Very Cheerful Ending

A Very Glad Ending

A new scientific study found that dominatrix rubdown therapists over the age of 50 are more likely to give their clients a happy ending than younger rub-down therapists. In 74% of these instances, the happy ending comes via a oral sex and in a surprising 44.3%, the pleased ending comes via a orall-service and shag. The margin of error was plus or minus three-percent.

We’re just making that up. But since you are more likely to acquire great sex from a lady over Fifty than a dominatrix underneath 50-and since honey bunnys over 50 are hornier than hotty’s beneath 50-it follows that a 50Plus M.I.L.F. is more likely to reach below the towel and clutch your meat-thermometer than a woman below Fifty. Got that.

So here we’ve Arjana, a 53-year-old newbie (born April 12, 1960) from the Czech Republic. She’s not a rub-down therapist, although this babe is in those pictures, and from the looks of things, she’s very admirable at it. This babe has squishy hands and a taut love tunnel. That babe is married, and we envy the favourable gent and appreciate his generosity in allowing his wife to shag other males for our viewing joy. That babe is not a swinger but she is a nudist. And she is the Mamma of three.

“Most people who know me wouldn’t be surprised to see me doing this,” Arjana said. “They know I adore to do wild things. And I always dress hawt in tight dresses, taut T-shirts and short skirts.”

Arjana has not at any time been a porn star, and this is something she’d wanted to try for a long time. But although this babe was ready to suck and bonk a stranger’s cock on-camera, she wouldn’t tell us her raunchy dreams.

“A woman has to have her secrets,” this babe told.

Even a female-dominator who screws on-camera? Guess so!

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Maggie Green – The Sheer Brassiere

The Sheer Bra

The Sheer Brassiere

Deep inside the SCORE Archives, this photo-shoot of Maggie Green looked innocent. Untouched. And truly it was. It was shot during the week of Maggie’s launch at SCORELAND. No one could have predicted what was to follow in the years since “Maggie Green Week.”

Maggie was destined to attract colossal amounts of attention.

“I have observed a ladies man walk into a glass door whilst staring at me at a casino in Vegas. I can always get instant service from a male bartender, no matter how crowded the place is. I have sauntered right in the front door at clubs where there’s a gigantic line to click this link.”

That doesn’t surprise us one bit. Bigger than standard milk cans rule in this world.

This photo-shoot kicks off with Maggie wearing a see-through below garment. What are the blonde beauty’s undergarment secrets?

“I have plenty of bras coz I like to buy them. Mostly Frederick’s of Hollywood ‘cuz they have my size and they have bras that do not look adore granny bras love tons of them do when u have big fullsome funbags. Sometimes I can fit into a Victoria’s Secret demi-bra when I wanna have a lot of breast valley. I likewise love Felina. I love feeling hawt in lacy and satin bras. I wear a brassiere majority of the time, except sometimes I love to wear a indeed tight reservoir top and then I don’t need one. This happens often in the summer.”

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Cameron Skye – Sports By Cameron

Sports By Cameron

Sports By Cameron

“I adore to wear constricted, low-cut shirts that show a lot of deep cleavage,” Cameron Skye says. “My beloved thing is when chaps check me out and the cutie they are with receives jealous.” Now that is funny. We’d love to watch that.

While here, it resembles Cameron is willing to go play tennis, that’s not gonna happen. She does look fashionable in her sporty cutie outfit. Now is the time for a T&A flaunt, and Cameron is not intend to string us along. Game, set, pussy!

Cameron has co-ed and cheerleader looks. She does look adore a woman golfer or tennis expert. Deep down, there is a hot hotty wanting to bust out. That babe did a Bra-busters & Tugs at SCORELAND, but she is not sure if she urges to go for a grand slam. Decisions, decisions. Remember, Cameron. We are as close to you as your telephone.

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Holly Brooks – Are Busty Strippers The Best Fucks?

Are Big-Boob Strippers The Finest Fucks?

Are Busty Strippers The Almost any wondrous Screws?

This is a hot-button topic. Many will say yep. Many will say no. Once you’ve observed Holly Brooks work the pole (the man-pole), u may become a yes-man.

Holly was born in India and lives in Los Angeles. This babe wanted to be a porno star, and now this babe is fulfilling her goal. She is the second super-slender and stacked blond to hit SCORE in new times, coming (literally) on the heels of Lolly Ink. Holly and Lolly. They can blow your pants right off u with the high-reaching of ease. If u love copulate toys with diminutive bodies and greater than run of the mill marangos, they’re for you.

As Holly’s reveal spreads, Johnny is hypnotized staring at the nubile lap dancer shaking her whoppers and booty on stage. That babe has him in her enjoyable heart trap. Johnny aims to seal the deal. This stud need to poke his dick in her cookie or go down trying.

At this exotic dancing club, a patron of the arts can too poke his face into the deep cleavage of the dancers, and that is exactly what Johnny does. Holly sits on his lap for a exotic dance and grinds and bounces her way into his heart and one more body part. The lump in his trousers makes her seize tingle as this chab helps himself to a hands-on scrutiny of her jiggling bumpers.

Holly switches positions and lap dances him once more face-to-face. His hands palm her dunky butt. It’s ideal for squeezing. She turns around one time more, her swim dress bottom in his face, and pulls out his wang. It’s exactly what that babe wishes, and she begins mouthing it like barmy. The size of it fills her with glee. Getting it in her face hole is no simple matter. He copulates Holly’s greater than standard tits, and when this chab stuffs his ding-dong inside her fur pie, that babe goes screwing eager.

If Holly Brooks ever strips at a exotic dancing club near you, make sure you acquire a stage-side seat!

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Holly Claus – Dick Holly’s ass with your cock…and an anal creampie!

Strapon Holly’s butt with your meat-thermometer…and an anal creampie!

Dick Holly's butt with your dick...and an anal creampie!

The very definition of the word Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK, 41-year-old Holly returns, and this time, her love melons are pouring out of hot underware. How can a woman possibly be this hot? We ask that question all the time. Holly has Sergio check out her multi-pierced muff with his tongue then invites him to finger her anal opening. This babe sucks his strapon, then she takes his shlong in her fur pie whilst he fingers her arsehole from behind, but will she take a pecker in that rectal hole?

What do u think?

But the anal issue was not always a slam dunk.

“I’m a wild child, but I haven’t done anal very much at all,” she told. “I decided I wanted to give it another go. I suppose I’ll like it!”

Did that babe? “I came harder than ever from that ass-fucking,” that babe said. “It’s my fresh beloved!”

But during the time that getting ass-fucked on-camera would be enough for almost any 40somethings, Holly wanted to take things a step further.

“I thought, ‘What would make my on-camera anal experience even hotter? How about letting him cum in my booty?’ I mean, it’s anal. It is kind of a raunchy thing. Why not make it over-the-top with a obscene anal creampie?”

Hey, why not?

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Lolly Ink – Meet Lolly

Meet Lolly

 Meet Lolly

Lolly Ink receives her surname from her like of tats. One as well as the other of her arms are absolutely tatted. Lolly is a super-slim and stacked blond with a petite booty and big fucking hooters. The kind of girl that lads spin on their rods, and lift and carry in the bedroom. This babe has some similarities to the great and nasty Danielle Derek. The one and the other blondes have small butts, slight waists and bigger than run of the mill, augmented bra buddies. It is a shame Danielle retired from porn a tiny in number years agone. That babe and Lolly would have made a wicked duo working over a guy’s pole.

“I adore to role play and dressing up is one of my favourite things to do,” says Lolly, who enjoys playing the human adore doll. “I like doggie and getting rogered on all fours. I adore getting my neck kissed and being finger-banged. Gals are fun to kiss and fun for foreplay but I love most of all the dick. When it comes to sex, I need a guy.” She acquires one at SCORELAND.

Lolly is a king-size fan of Greetings Kitty. That is a coincidence as we are huge fans of “Hello Titty.” Lolly wants to journey to Japan ‘cuz that babe likes the sexy vixen fashions there and this babe wants to visit that international shrine, Howdy Kitty Land (“Sanrio Puroland”) in Tokyo.

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Bea Cummins – Bea’s 70th birthday anal blast!

Bea’s 70th birthday anal blast!

Bea's 70th birthday anal blast!

This specific video widens with Bea Cummins getting what that babe merits.

No. We’re not talking about 2 young, stiff knobs in her butt. That comes later.

We’re talking about a birthday celebration befitting the hottest, most-beautiful 70-year-old ever, a female who exudes class even when she is showing off her bouncy bosoms and gazoo…a lady who has been a part of our family since December 3, 2008, when that babe first stepped foot in our studio.

Bea turned 70, and that babe noted the occasion with us. We got her a cake. We sang “Happy Birthday” to her. We bought her lingerie. And a ass-plug. We read her letters from her admirers.

And, then, we brought in 2 juvenile, unbending weenies to break her on-camera anal cherry.

By the way, after this babe got home to Tennessee, Bea dropped us a note. It read, “Looking forward to seeing y’all one more time pretty soon or any time for that matter. I’ve no plans on retiring any time in the near future.”

That is the paramount news we have heard in 70 years.

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Lolly Ink – Cream In The Pink Of Lolly Ink

Spunk In The Pink Of Lolly Ink

Cream In The Pink Of Lolly Ink

Johnny is about to get his world rocked by blond Lolly Ink, a fresh visitor to the thrill rides at SCORELAND. This babe has a super-slim body, greater than standard marangos and a slight arse. He’ll rock Lolly’s world likewise when he receives the opportunity to shoehorn his extra-large salami into Lolly’s tight-looking love tunnel.

Lolly’s diminutive booty is easily palmed. Her pointer sisters are not so easily palmed. This chab checks out her wet crack and this babe checks out his package. Let’s see in the movie scene if she can acquire it down her throat. It won’t be effortless as majority cuties have learned. In this photo set, she was expert to receive about 25% in her mouth. Her muff should be skilled to acquire majority, if not all, of his snatch-stretcher inside. She’ll relish the ride, guaranteed.

After banging Lolly in a partiality selection of pumping poses, Johnny has to work out where to blow his cum. On Lolly’s face? In her face hole? On her juggs? Or in her pussy? Each has their specific pleasures and awards. This charmer opts to whitewash Lolly’s taco walls and savor the sight of her squeezing the man cream out. No doubt this chap was sorry to watch her come and go back to Los Angeles. A lad could have lots of fun with a angel love this around 24/7!

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Niki – A Mouthful For Niki

A Mouthful For Niki

A Mouthful For Niki

“So, have u ever had a hot Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK before?” Niki says. “Well, there’s one here for you.”

Then have at her! Might as well. This babe is already having at you!

“So, do you want me to take your large knob in my throat?” Niki says. She licks the guy’s ear. It is a scientific fact that a man’s neck is directly connected to his meat-thermometer. Niki knows this.

Then Niki says, “I have a little surprise for you.” Is it the pearls on her thongs? No. It’s the love tunnel under her pearls.

And, so, Niki’s 1st episode at acquires off to a fast initiate. She’s a 46-year-old divorcee from Texas, and within minutes, 24-year-old Rocky has his fingers up her moist, tight pussy. Shortly afterwards, Niki has his cock in her throat, and then her little body is getting drilled. Little body. Large meatballs. DD-cups. And this babe has a weight of merely 101 pounds.

In addition to screwing young bucks, Niki enjoys dripping, reading and spending time with her puppy (not to be confused with her DD-cup puppies). She says this babe considers herself a HORNY HOUSEWIFE “due to a step-child from a previous marriage.” This babe says that babe fantasizes about being a food adult model “where u lay there and people take sushi off you whilst you’re exposed.”

That kind of food glamour model? Not ever heard of it.

This kind of adult model? That is more our speed.

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Cassitty – How To Make It At The Office

How To Make It At The Office

How To Make It At The Office

Cassitty is a dedicated administrative assistant and dresses ultra-conservatively at the office. This babe hides her astronomical hangers under corpulent garments, but her boss, Mr. Titlicker, a male chauvinist pig, desires her to wear hotter outfits. That babe agrees, and this fellow eagerly helps her change. His prepossession is a see-through red dress and high heels. This buck loses his mind when this chab sees her amazing body love this and is all over her like glue. They have a nipple-sucking party, then that buck lays her on his desk so this babe can tit-fuck him.

This babe sucks his giant wang as her astronomical bazookas engulf it. A stream of saliva spills with out her face hole and all over his ding-dong and her funbags. This babe rides him for some on-top screwing. Cassitty turns into a dirty-talking nasty cutie the more they couple. She lies back on the desk and this gent screws her hard. Cassitty adds areola stretching and pulling and changes position to get fucked side-saddle. That babe receives on her knees for hands-free blowing. Now at the edge of eruption, Mr. Titlicker jacks off on her chest as this babe looks at him and asks him to anoint her colossal danglers with his cream. Some other wild copulate scene at the office with a wild porn star, Cassitty!

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Bea Cummins – Bea’s 70th birthday surprise: two cocks for her ass!

Bea’s 70th birthday surprise: two dicks for her ass!

Bea's 70th birthday surprise: two rods for her a-hole!

When Bea Cummins returned to our studio final year, we wrote, “Bea turned 69 on May Twenty, 2012, and this babe turns 70 next spring. What do you think she should acquire for her 70th birthday?”

The most-popular answer: Anal!

Mrs. Cummins, one of our most-popular grannies ever, has done a lot since this babe first visited our studio in 2008. She has enjoyed three-ways and creampies, and that babe rogered a darksome fellow right in front of her real-life partner. That babe and Jewel teamed up on a lucky ladies man, and 2 dark-skinned males had their way with her. She’s had cum all over her larger than typical, attractive zeppelins and glamourous, smiling face.

But this babe had never had anal-copulation on-camera. Until now.

Gentlemen, Bea Cummins returned to our studio this week to celebrate her 70th birthday. And that babe broke her on-camera anal cherry.

With 2 bucks!

That’s right, not just one dude rogered Bea’s anal opening in her first anal scene. 2 lads did! Rocky is 24. Tony is 33. Like we said, Bea turned 70 on Monday.

“I feel like I am merely 50 years aged,” told Bea, who while that babe was here quashed any suggestions that this babe has retirement in sight.

Let the celebration commence!

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