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Real divorcee of Orange County gets ass-fucked

Real divorcee of Orange County receives ass-fucked

Real divorcee of Orange County receives ass-fucked

“Oh, I just love your ding-dong,” 55-year-old first-timer Moreen Helm says at the opening of this scene. “I know you’re going to shag me hard. I just can’t receive sufficient. Your meat-thermometer is all I adore.”

Isn’t that nice? Isn’t it fine that hotties can get away with that kind of talk? Imagine if u said to a woman,”Oh, I just adore your cum-hole. Your cunt is all I like”? She’d slap you across the face? She’d say, “You do not love me for me?” or some kind of shit love that. But Moreen says, “Your dick is all I like” and within seconds, she has that cock in her mouth. ‘coz we boys…we don’t have egos when it comes to ram love that. If a Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK adore Moreen wishes to engulf our weenie down to the root and desires no thing else from us, that is good.

But here’s the thing: Moreen does crave smth else.
This babe wishes that knob in her cunt. And this babe especially wants it in her a-hole. And she acquires it.

So, this divorcee from Southern California–a female-dominator who says this babe is into bowling and basketball and likes the Lakers and would likely open right up if Kobe Bryant said that buck wanted to shag her butt, shows us that what hotty’s urge, honey bunnys receive. Of course, sometimes, we dudes receive what we desire, likewise. We desire to watch Moreen in sloppy, obscene booty sex. And we acquire it.

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Big Bongos

Large Bongos

Big Bongos

Melissa Manning is not the same angel she was when that babe 1st visited SCORELAND. She’s changed. Yeah, her hair color has changed from redhead to golden-haired (Melissa is a natural blond furthermore). Her recent coloring looks very valuable but that is not what snatched V-mag editor Maria G.’s attention when that babe greeted her in the models’ dressing room. Melissa looked bustier. That babe was bustier. It was obvious so Maria decided to scientifically research the situation resulting in the episode Melissa’s Cups Runneth over. “You watch, almost all of the time when I speak to adult models about their bras, they tell me that they don’t even know what size they are anymore,” Maria told. “The task of buying bras that fit is so arduous that they just detect whatsoever fits and that is that. Melissa is one of those gals. She has to eyeball bras and sort of figure out if they are intend to fit ‘coz this babe hasn’t had a proper underneath garment measuring since this babe was 15. That babe thought this babe was a 34G, but her love melons definitely grew since this babe was here final, so I decided to tackle the problem with science.” It turns out that Melissa now measures 36H, an event that will brighten the life of all dedicated tit-fans. Check out as girl-next-door Melissa stretches this sweater with the highest of ease.

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Ass-fucked by two guys. What will the neighbors say?

Ass-fucked by two boys. What will the neighbors say?

Ass-fucked by two bucks. What will the neighbors say?

Taking turns on a MILF’s wanton booty…that’s what this clip is all about as Trixie Blu, a 48-year-old housewife from Ohio, gets it in the arse from 2 of our hornier men…hornier ‘cuz Trixie is such a piece of wazoo with her constricted body and firm boobies and nice booty and hug-your-cock pussy and gorgeous face.

“Guys adore my bosoms topmost,” Trixie told. “At least that is what my husband loves the most. These boyz appeared to be to be enjoying my gazoo. That is worthwhile. I sure was relishing their dongs!”

Trixie was born in Indiana and lives in Cincinnati. She’s friends with adult model Cali Houston, who encouraged her to send us her pictures. That babe has sex at least one time a day, more if she can. We asked her about the wildest thing this babe has ever done sexually and that babe said, “Other than this? It depends on your idea of wild. I once had sex on a trampoline in the backyard where all the neighbors could watch.”

Did they see?

“They acquire to have, but nobody told anything.”

We’ve a feeling that if Trixie’s neighbors watch this, they will not say anything either. The vixens will be silently jealous. The studs will just close their doors and jack.

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Reasons to cheer

Reasons to cheer

Reasons to cheer

Nikki Smith detected us on Twitter ( and wanted to join the large reveal. It was a win-win-win decision (You-Nikki-Us). Nikki is a girl-next-door livecam model and that babe enjoys it. Coming to The SCORE Group was a first for her. Nikki was a cheerleader in college. Have u ever viewed a cheerleader with bigger in size pom-poms? “I was popular, but my milk sacks were even more popular,” Nikki says. “But I guess I got more comments when I was younger. Just ‘coz it was so with out the usual for angels to have mangos at that age. But I did not mind too much. I kind of love the attention.” Nikki learned how to be good at sex by studying porn. Our kind of beauty. “I started watching porn. The 1st thing I learned from porn that I was actually lustful about was how to put a cum drum on a jock without using your hands. So I was actually pleasured of myself when I  mastered that. That was a large step in my sex abilities.” What’s her opinion of casual sex? Not making porn but having standard, butt call, easygoing sex? “There’s a time and a place for it I think. If I am going to have free and easy sex with somebody then it is intend to strictly be nonchalant sex. I don’t wish to have sex too soon with anybody I’m interested in courting. I just need some no-strings-attached shlong, and sometimes that works. But usually if I’m interested in a relationship, I take it a little slower.” Nikki did something pretty fantastic. This babe referred her Mommy to us. Her Mom is a 48-year-old blonde hottie named Barbie Banks and Barbie’s first hardcore shoot is posted at In print, Barbi makes her newsstand initial appearance in Fourty something (SP 245). So being slutty runs in the Smith family. Thank’s, Nikki!

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More, more, more cock in Moreen’s ass!

More, more, more pecker in Moreen’s booty!

More, more, more meat-thermometer in Moreen's booty!

Moreen Helm, a 55-year-old divorcee from Orange County, Florida, takes eight the rigid way–that’s in her ass–for her and worldwide fucking-on-camera initial appearance. Moreen is a Mother of 3 grown children. She is likewise a webcam model who decided to take the next step and took it with us.

“I’ve owned an auto detailing business,” Moreen told. “I’ve worked in child care. I’ve been married and divorced four times. Now I am trying this! I am very carnal, so I think I am going to like it.”

Turned out Moreen loved it, and her groans of joy could be heard throughout the building, especially when James slid his penis into her well-lubed arsehole. This babe likewise enjoyed it when James discharged his cum all over her face.

“I adore sex. I love cum. I adore a bit of gazoo,” this babe told. “I love guys. I adore to bonk them.”

Which is why that babe should probably just shag them, not marry them. Who needs the hassle?

“I’m a swinger,” Moreen said. “I mostly like to look at and play with myself, although sometimes if it’s a tiny group, adore two or 3 couples, I’ll jump in. I adore to play with my milk cans and my fur pie. I adore to kiss a lady-killer whilst this chab is rogering me.”

As for a bit of gazoo, this babe told, “I adore the feeling of being filled up. Stick your ding-dong in my well-lubed wazoo and I’ll implore for more.”

There’s no reason to supplicate, Moreen. Just ask. U don’t even need to ask nicely.

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Cami’s Torn Pantyhose And Pussy Show

Cami’s Torn Tights And Cunt Unveil

Cami's Torn Tights And Snatch Show

When we asked 42-year-old divorcee Cami Cline to rip apart a perfectly nice pair of tights so we could watch her muff out of her taking ’em off, that babe said, “I’ve done that previous to. Well, I have had fellows do it for me. Sometimes boys acquire so amorous, they can not wait to receive to the cookie, so they just leave ’em on and rip ’em open at the cum-hole.” And maybe it’s not just that they’re in a hurry, Cami. Doing it that way appears to be, well…sluttier. “Definitely sluttier. Anyway, who even wears tights anymore unless they wanna receive ’em ripped open?”

Other than the fact that she is widening her delicious wet crack and fuckable anus for our viewing enjoyment, Cami is very much adore any other Fourty something u might meet.

“I’m a homebody, and my family is incredibly important to me,” this babe told. “My ideal day would be spent with my hubby and my kids kayaking or just dangling out on the beach, playing and having joy.” This babe too said us she has sex each single day, which means that later, when the kids have gone to daybed, Cami and her hubby copulate. “Always,” that babe said. “As many times as we can.”

Of course, u can see Cami banging on, also.

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The SCORE Big Boob Hall of Fame

The SCORE Big Boob Hall of Fame

The SCORE Large Boob Hall of Fame

Siri with her marvelous looks and voluptuous figure made a large splash in 2012. I thought this year’s nominees for the Bigger in size than run of the mill Boob Hall Of Fame was a bit light, and I wonder if some adult models of years past have been forgotten and/or overlooked. As a long time subscriber to SCORE since its initial six issue a year offering in 1992, maybe a retro category should be included for the Large Boob Hall Of Fame, even if it involves adult models that posed pre-SCORE…just a thought.-B.B.

Which earlier glamour models do u feel are overlooked? A adult model who not ever posed in SCORE in advance of would have no relevance to the voters and to the contest itself.

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“I’m A Bad Girl When I’m Here.”

“I’m A Bad Girl When I’m Here.”

“I’m a bad hotty when I’m here,” Kitana Flores says. “Right now. For a scarcely any hours. In the bedroom. Studs are sometimes surprised by that ‘coz I usually do not suit likewise hawt and I can be kind of easygoing, but when they receive me in the bedroom, I can be beautiful wild. I guess tons of Puerto Rican girls are that way. We hide our wild side until we acquire into private situations. We do not think it is proper to be too out there in public, even though we can costume hot.”

“I can be very assured when I am wanton or watch a boy I adore. I almost always make the 1st move. If I am interested in you and I can tell you are interested in me, you’ll know it. Then you’ll see my wild side. I won’t waste time. I mean, it could take hours in advance of a boy resolves to make a move, and a lot of boys are afraid to, so I’ll do it for ’em.”

“I’d rather be stripped than wear sexy garments, but I suppose there’s a time and a place for everything. I always wear a bra, even though I can probably receive away with out wearing one. Part of the reason I wear a undergarment is because I don’t desire my nipples poking through and part of the reason is coz I desire to keep my boobies fine. I do not wish them to sag too much when I get mature.”

“I like to be comfortable in everything I wear. I like to be spruce but fashionable. I do not adore to put it all out there. I like to keep the lads guessing a little bit.”

“Girls say my juggs are my almost any astonishing body part. Lads say it’s my gazoo. How about that? Lads adore the ass, but they can’t live out of the billibongs, likewise, especially if they’re Italian. But bucks do not have to elect. They can have the entire thing if they’re good and honest.”

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Trixie’s ass-fucked, three-way encore

Trixie’s ass-fucked, three-way encore

Trixie's ass-fucked, three-way encore

Ya got to hand it to Trixie Blu (if u have a hand free whilst looking at those pix!). In her 1st hardcore scene ever, this now-48-year-old wife/swinger/hot-bodied Mama from Ohio took on Lucas Stone’s large, darksome ramrod, sucking it and wrapping her tight, pierced wet crack around his rock hard meat and letting him cum in her bawdy cleft for all the world to watch. And what’s Trixie doing for an encore?

“I’m having a three-some!” Trixie helpfully and happily pointed out. “I’m intend to engulf and shag two hot bucks, and one as well as the other of ’em are intend to copulate my arse!”

Yes, an anal trio for Trixie. Not bad for a woman who told us, “I’m just beginning to enjoy anal invasion more and more.” Well, in this case, “more” means one weenie and “and more” means a second 10-Pounder.

“Everything’s a fresh adventure,” Trixie said. “I’ve had threesomes but not at any time a three-some where the one and the other fellows took turns on my butt. But I am always open to new things.”

Open is definitely the word, especially at the end when one of the dudes pries open Trixie’s just-fucked backdoor. Very fine.

It just makes us wonder, Trixie: What are u plan to do next time? We cant expect to detect out, but those pics will definitely tide us over for a long-time.

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This Time, Sydni Fucks!

This Time, Sydni Copulates!

This Time, Sydni Bonks!

Moments previous to these images were taken-before Sydni sucked and drilled a monumental wang on-camera for the 1st time-Sydni Lane stood in our styling room, smiling as widely as we have ever watched a lady smile, eagerly anticipating the breaking of her hardcore cherry.

“I can not await,” that babe told. “I’m so wanton!”

We were very amorous, likewise, when Sydni, who 1st visited our studio on October 8 and shot some very sexy solo pictures and movies for, decided to return earlier this month and go all the way. Really, Sydni had been thinking about doing hardcore the first time she was here but decided to take things one step at a time. Dip her toes in the water, so to speak.

“It was my 1st time shooting, so I wanted to see what it was all about,” she told. “But when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I said, ‘Sure!'”

This is not an untypical situation. Think about it: Let’s say you’re a 61-year-old mistress, like Syndi is, and u haven’t modeled since you were in your 20’s, and then, with your impressive clothes on. You are by no means been a dancer. This is your first experience with modeling. U know no thing about other than what you have observed of the site. It takes a bit of a leap of faith to get you to go from “never done it” to “I’m gonna go all the way.” But Sydni enjoyed her first experience here so much that all of her doubts disappeared.

And now, the pix. The smile on Sydni’s face should tell you everything you get to know about how much she’s relishing herself. The cock-sucking is excellent. Her tan lines are breathtaking. She’s clearly enjoying Johnny’s schlong and the load of cum she gets. He’s clearly savouring her. And why shouldn’t that ladies man be? Sydni is one of our utmost 60somethings ever. And we’re happy this babe came in for the-ahem-ride.

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Triple Play

Triple Play

Triple Play

The shipping and handling boys at SCORE‘s warehouse spend a considerable amount of time getting intimately acquainted with the products. They know each mag, novelty and DVD and have it all memorized. It is great when employees actually know the products and study them for countless hours. But when a recent employee named Siri joins the customer service team (looking amazingly like Siri the alluring recent model), they’re in for a disruption of their carefully structured daily schedule. Watch as this Siri teaches ’em how to work more efficiently and productively. In dictate to expedite the work flow, Siri shows them how she blows two guys at the same time, thus cutting down on wasted time and effort. This babe explains how workers can increase their teamwork and cooperation–they can bonk her throat and cunt at the same time, lowering energy usage and costs. Yeah, this fresh employee will teach those slothful bums the advantages and benefits of being unyielding at work. It bears a resemblance to there’s a fresh warehouse manager in town at SCORELAND and her name is Siri. And this babe looks amazingly adore that fresh model Siri.

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The 61-Year-Old First-Timer And The 25-Year-Old

The 61-Year-Old First-Timer And The 25-Year-Old

The 61-Year-Old First-Timer And The 25-Year-Old

It’s a facial for 61-year-old Sydni Lane in her 1st hardcore episode. Congratulations, Sydni! You have made the voyage from sexy 60 something to sexy rogering 60 something in below a month, and we’re happy you chose us for the journey.

“I’m having a great time,” Sydni told. “This is even more pleasure than I thought it would be.”

Sydni, who has at not time been married, is a playful lady. This babe enjoys figure skating and ballroom stripping. This babe can’t live with out plan to art galleries and museums and working out. This babe usually doesn’t wear panties, “but when I do, they’re crotchless.” She is a swinger who 1st took to it about five years agone. She’s a nudist, something this babe also became about five years ago. And now, she is a porno star…something that babe became, well, this day!

More about Sydni: That babe lives in South Florida. This babe discovered us through a friend who is very familiar with This babe can’t live with out sex in the morning and sex at night, sandwiched around, maybe, a travel to the Fitness Centre and the beach. She is a rubdown therapist and colon hydrotherapist, and if u know what that is, your mind is probably racing all over the place right now.

Most of all, she’s a sexy female who has identified a home here at That babe is not a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. But she’s a cougar. The boy she is having sex with in those pix is Twenty five years aged. As we told, she’s 61. For Sydni, that’s a record age difference. You’ll notice that Johnny is rock-hard. That’s all Sydni’s doing, proving one time some other time that some things receive better with age. But you already knew that.

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Big Tits Tiny Ass

Large Bra buddies Dunky A-hole

Big Funbags Slight Ass

“My friend and I were stripping at a bachelor party and when we got done we locked ourselves in a room of the house we were at and got right down to business. However, something was missing. Oh, yes. A schlong!”

“My kinkiest moment was at the Tuscany suite in one of the top hotels in Las Vegas. My paramour and I had sex in front of all of his allies. That was beautiful kinky although I know it doesn’t sound so kinky when u realize that a movie is seen by who knows how many people.”

“I always wear as little as possible in public and as constricted as possible. I just like to feel like I’m exposed. It is much more comfortable. Hot clothing just acquire in the way.”

“The worst thing a lady-killer can say to a female is ‘I wanna screw your girlfriend.'”

“I read that women adore romantic types of fantasies. I’m not one of them. My dreams go right to business. I do not know how I even get there but all of a sudden I watch myself sometimes with two males, sometimes with 2 sweethearts and a boy, sometimes my last paramour, everything to acquire off. One of my earlier fantasies was to be in SCORE magazine and in a clip. That came true.”

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Busty, Curvy Sophia Goes For A Ride

Big boobed, Buxom Sophia Goes For A Ride

Busty, Curvy Sophia Goes For A Ride

Coming (or cumming) off her first on-camera photo fuck, 42-year-old Sophia Jewel enjoys her first video bonk, and it is a wonderful one, mostly ‘cuz Sophia looks so precious. So hawt. She’s 5’4″, 138 pounds with DD-cup milk shakes and a big, squishy, round ass any lad would love to fuck. In fact, it has, really, been banged by numerous men.

But not here. Not yet. Sophia’s 1st anal scene is coming pretty soon, but let us not receive ahead of ourselves. It is a pleasure and a privilege just to look at this Long Island hotty (now living in South Florida) engulfing and fucking and enjoying a facial. Yes, we say “enjoying.” The look on Sophia’s face tells us that babe enjoyed every drop.

“I did!” this babe told. “Having sex on-camera was a lot easier and a lot more enjoyment than I thought it would be!”

Sophia is single (not at any time married). That babe trains people to ride horses. This babe found us throughout her agent (Sophia, naughty cutie, craves to be a porno star). This babe enjoys reading, watching movies, intend to the beach and writing poetry. That babe likes boys with a worthwhile sense of humor who know how to strapon her. And her ideal day?

“Breakfast in daybed, a day at the beach or pool with reggae music playing, then the spa, dinner, a priceless episode and sex!”

That babe once had sex “on the hood of a car at a beach parking lot at sunset.”

This babe might have had an audience then. This babe was likewise into what this babe was doing to remember. That babe definitely has an audience now!

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My Boob Heaven

My Boob Heaven

My Boob Heaven

Charlee Pursue is from Tampa, Florida. For some reason, Tampa is a hotbed of lewd strippers and adult stars. There used to be lots of nudie disrobe clubs there previous to the town imposed restrictions.

In this very sexy scene from the SCORE Classic movie scene My Boob Heaven, Charlee’s slinky flexibility allows her to twist her body into lots of randy fucking positions. (She was a cheerleader in school.) When Jean Val Jean receives home to Charlee, this chab bears gifts of bras so Charlee will naked her body trying them on. Her glamour modeling show drives Jean insane. Charlee drops her undergarment under her boobs, takes off anything else and goes down on his boner, blowing him adore a vacuum cleaner. That charmer shags her milk sacks and then roughly rams the living shit out her. This babe loves it and goes wild as he pounds her twat hole like a machine. Impure talking Charlee jerks off his shaft with an accomplished hand job that makes him pop his nuts all over her face and proffered boobs.

Sexually assured Charlee can’t live out of to copulate as often as she can get jock and says clitoral stimulation receives her off supreme. Charlee says that boyz should be funny and gutsy if they wanna score with cuties but not obnoxious or arrogant. According to Charlee, the worst thing a boy can say to a woman is “to call you by the not right name when you’re having sex.” That is why it is recommended u call all the women u know Baby or Chick at all times. You’ll by no means screw up if u take the advice of your fuckin’ friends from SCORE.

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Getting to know Sydni Lane

Getting to know Sydni Lane

Getting to know Sydni Lane

Having shown off her attractive body and engulfing and screwing a much-younger stud’s big 10-Pounder for the 1st time on-camera, 61-year-old Sydni Lane sits down for an interview with the editor. That babe is looking smashing in a long, flowing nightgown that hugs her thin, curvacious body, and that babe sounds great, likewise. Sydni always appears to be to be smiling, and her engaging, affable personality comes throughout at all times.

Among the highlights of this interview:

1. Sydni showing off her gorgeous feet and telling us how that babe gives foot jobs.
TWO. Sydni talking about how, about five years agone, that babe decided to add some passion to her life. That babe became a nudist and a swinger. She started doing wilder things sexually. And, certainly, she decided to pay a visit to
3. Sydni showing her woman-next-door side by using proper terms for cunt, gazoo and meat-thermometer.
4. Sydni talking about her wildest swinging adventure.
5. And, finally, Sydni showing off her flexibility by widening her legs so we receive a last view of her shaven cookie.

We have a very precious feeling that Sydni is about to become one of your favorites at Relish.

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