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“Fuck My Asshole,” Says Busty Milf

“Fuck My Asshole,” Says Busty Sexy housewife

It’s worthy when the big breasted neighbor mistresse comes out of her house wearing a hawt clothes and high heels, carrying a kewl drink for a perspired lad laboring in her backyard. This babe doesn’t need to but her boyfriend is out and that babe needs something to do and someone to talk to. It’s even nicer when the Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK female-dom lets her hired help suck on her areolas after encouraging him to take a work break. This goddess actually is a doll. And hot for 10-Pounder cuz that babe needs to get drilled. That is an unexpected perk for this workman. Mrs. Charleston needs it bad. Maybe her husband doesn’t fork over the man-meat at home. So it is even nicer when she drops to a squat and sucks his knob vigorously and skillfully. “Is this a tip?” Joey asks. This babe can not answer. His jock in her mouth is making it difficult to speak. They switch to a 69 on the table bench, the HORNY HOUSEWIFE on top, naturally. There might be splinters. That babe is super-aggressive and super-sexual, telling Joey to bonk her on the table. He slips into her slit, this babe in reverse cowgirl and this babe is loving it. That babe gets on her knees for a doggie-fuck and backs up her pussy as rock hard as he thrusts. That babe actually can’t live with out to screw. This babe desires more. Another gap filled. “Fuck my booty,” is her request. This babe wishes that sausage in her constricted backdoor. The first a-hole fucking is with Mrs. Charleston on her back in missionary. His schlong slides into her winky and off they go! Super-horny HORNY HOUSEWIVES know what they desire and they don’t waste your time in getting it. This babe urges sexy spunk in her arse. She asks and she will acquire.

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Is Margo The Horniest 50Something Ever?

Is Margo The Horniest 50 something Ever?

Is Margo The Horniest Fifty something Ever?

What’s the best thing about a lady turning 50? Well, of course, women get hornier and sexier with age. But the other great thing is that we get to feature her on or, if she is already been in, we’ve to bring her back. Margo falls into the latter category. U might have seen her fucking on our sister web resource and in the DVD “Fuck My Mature Butt #3,” and now that this babe is 50, Margo‘s willing for more: a large, darksome 10-Pounder and a gooey semen pie in her mature slit.

Margo is indeed 51 now (her birthday is August 6, 1960), and she’s the epitome of the divorcee on the prowl. That babe loves a chap with a enjoyment personality. “Looks aren’t important to me,” she said. “What’s more important is what he’ll do to please me. How long he’ll spend eating my muff and whether he’s enough of a gentlemen to keep from cumming until I have had my fill. He’ll know when that’s.”

Final time we saw her, Margo told us, “If sex receives as worthwhile when I turn Fifty as it did when I turned Fourty, I’ve a lot to look forward to.” Well, she’s 51 now, and what’s the verdict?

“Ask your dude,” she told. “He discharged a colossal load of cum inside my slit, so I am guessing this chab enjoyed himself. I know I did.”

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Newcomer Alert!

Novice Alert!

Newcomer Alert!

It is Novice time once more, SCORE Boyz, and our nubile newbie making her 1st appearance is a hot brunette natural with a girl-next-door look, Jasmine Shiraz. Jasmine contacted the SCORE Studio throughout This is her first time trying her hand at modeling, smth that babe has wanted to do for a whilst. You may have seen the advance check out Jasmine on the SCORELAND Blog. Jasmine lives in New Jersey and enjoys playing volleyball (an awesome sport for beauties who wear 34F cup bras), cheers for the Fresh York Yankees, and can’t live out of to go golfing and skiing, two better, extremely recommended sports for big-boobed angels. Following Jasmine‘s photo set is a episode plus an interview with SCORE editor Dave in which we will learn more about Jasmine and have to watch her hot body in motion.

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Busty & Bossy

Big busted & Bossy

Busty & Bossy

Sometimes u go and apply for a new job and you have to sit in Human Resources and deal with some paper pusher who sees u as just one more resume. And then sometimes u go to apply and u are greeted by a fox love Dylan Ryder, who interviews you with such an eye full of cleavage hanging with out her see-through top, that u can’t help but get a raging hard-on you can not hide in your business trousers. But that’s all admirable, cuz Dylan is all business…or rather, all up on your business. That babe will whip your jock right out and engulf your ding-dong adore it’s feeding her your entire employment history str8 to her brain. Hey, lady-killer. U might not acquire the gig, but you might just receive some pussy, and that’s almost as good.

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“F” Is For Fucking, “C” Is For Creampie

“F” Is For Screwing, “C” Is For Man-juice pie

There’s an exam this day, and Ivan did not a predicament to study. Nope. Last night, this chab was likewise busy cruising bars and supermarkets for M.I.L.F.S.. So what does this chab do? This chab cheats. That smooth operator pulls the ol’ “cheat sheet up your sleeve” trick. But Miss King is an experienced teacher, and that babe is wise to his cheating games. Uh-oh! Looks like somebody’s in bother. The thing is, Miss King can not give him an “F” if this babe can not discover the evidence, so she conducts a full-body try to find. Is it beneath his shirt? No. In his back pocket? No. “Hmmm,” Miss King thinks. “Maybe he’s hiding it in his underclothing.” So that babe dips down deep into his pants, and what does she find? His pecker! Turns out that is what this babe was looking for, in any case. And now she can actually give Ivan an “F”…for screwing! Later, he’ll boost his grade to a “C”…for creampie! Miss King, by the way, is Stacie King, a 43-year-old wife/swinger from Seattle, Washington, who’s screwing on digital camera for the 1st time. It was her idea. This babe discovered during the time that browsing the Web and decided, “Hey, I would love to try that.” Stacie‘s story is that of a lady who not ever thought this babe was hot, not ever had sex with anyone but her spouse until that babe identified the swinging lifestyle about five or six years agone. Her hubby was thrilled by the idea. This fellow can’t live without to see his wife shag other fellows, and now he’ll have a video to observe, too. More on Stacie: She’s 5’5″, 140 pounds, has 2 daughters, works as an office assistant in a medical office and used to be a underware house cleaner. Yeah, that means exactly what it sounds like. Stacie cleaned houses during the time that wearing sexy underware, and the men who hired her got to check out. But they not at any time saw her like this!

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Lexi, 64, Rita, 61, A Double-Donger And A 20-Year-Old

Lexi, 64, Rita, 61, A Double-Donger And A 20-Year-Old

Lexi, 64, Rita, 61, A Double-Donger And A 20-Year-Old

This is the story of a 61-year-old swinger/slut named Rita Daniels (this babe is the darksome brown) who convinced her 64-year-old friend/swinger/slut Lexi McCain (she’s the blond) to join her on It is too the story of a 20-year-old kid named Ivan who’s a greater than standard fan of Rita‘s and heard she was coming back to When this chab heard the news, he prayed that he’d get the chance to bonk her on-camera. And his wishes were granted. So here, a 20-year-old is screwing two women who are one as well as the other three times his age. Yep, solely at

Lexi said us the story of how that babe and Rita got jointly. “We’re one as well as the other in relationships and we’re swingers’, and Rita and her significant other contacted us on a swinging couples web resource. And when they came from Recent York to visit us in South Florida, that’s how we met.”

Rita, Lexi and their significant others in one house jointly for one sexy, perspired, sex-filled week in the Tropics. Can u imagine.

“We just strided around exposed all day and had our cocktails,” Rita told, emphasizing the “cock” in cocktails. “There was plenty of banging going on. They threw a big party for us. They had Thirty couples, and it was rocking. And I was the center of attention. I got passed around a lot.”

In those fotos, Rita and Lexi share a monumental, double-donged dildo that Rita picked up at a store, then they share Ivan. It’s a three-way that lots of you’ve been asking for. As ordinary, Rita and Lexi are here to satisfy.

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They Call Her Nurse Big-Tits Tugger

They Call Her Nurse Big-Tits Tugger

They Call Her Nurse Big-Tits Tugger

Admit it. When u go to the doctor and the nurse does your exam, and this babe is hawt, you think about what Nurse Sarah is about to do to you and your bone in “They Call Her Nurse Big-Tits Tugger.” Please note how professionally this babe uses the word “penis” when she talks to you. This hot stunner is an exceptionally chatty and attentive nurse, as u will investigate. You were not here to give her a bigger in size than standard man juice example but this babe has other ideas so leave it in her hands. The door is locked, the other patients have gone home and the doctor has left for the day to meet his boyfrend doctors at the local lounge. U are in safe, accustomed, tender hands with this bad nurse. This babe likes examining the prostate. In fact, that is why the doctor hired her after collision her at the rub-down parlor down the street and putting her throughout an accelerated nurses’ training course. You think that scheduling your next appointment for next week is rushing things a bit? You will be doing that, one time u see what that babe can do to maintain your health.

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Leanne’s Infinity Bikini

Leanne’s Infinity Swimsuit

Leanne's Infinity Bikini

Leanne Crow joins the SCORE team for her second international romp, teaming with Jenna Valentine, Hitomi, Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore, the big-tit syndicate out to take over the world. And they have the natural equipment to do it! Glamour modeling has allowed Leanne to break out of the normal life back home in Britain and tour the world to exotic locations. Underneath the Mexican sun in a swanky house, the office a couple of miles away, Leanne enjoys the infinity edge pool that ends with a dizzying view of the city under, sumptuous local meals with her sisters-under-the-bra and seeing the sights of this resort city. It is first-class all the way for the first-class bird named Crow. “I always wanted to have big boobs. I used to literally pray each evening for ’em. I would pray over and over that I would receive bouncy bosoms. I am not even kidding. I was hopeless for them.” Leanne has got her crave! And the good life of a Puerto Vallarta Vacation suits her adore a constricted swimsuit!

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Hooked On Hookers

Hooked On Hookers

Hooked On Hookers

Soleil Hughes is a woman of the evening but don’t hold her to a schedule–although she is open to a hard schedule. She’ll suck your wang during the day likewise, SCORE Males. It resembles Soleil is having a bad afternoon judging from the ribald talk that’s rolling off her tongue while that babe strolls the pavement as our show starts. She’d be the consummate guest for a Jerry Springer show with that dirty throat. Miss Hughes might desire to discover a fresh mack dad and be that guy’s whore cuz her current manager Mr. Hug E. Bear is not fulfilling her needs. Until then, she’ll be strolling and trolling the streets for fresh man-meat. A car pulls up and the driver says this charmer needs directions. He’s plan to a job interview or so he claims. Now Soleil is not falling for his bull. “Are u looking for a dead end job or a oral?” she flirts, sticking her bosoms out of the top of her taut costume and plopping them over his open car window. “I might as well forget about my job,” her recent client admits after eyeballing her larger than typical whoppers and has Soleil hop into his wheels. They head off to her prefered hooker motel and Soleil suggests him his choices on the menu. That gent goes for the complete dining experience and that babe begins by giving him the sloppiest, noisiest meat-thermometer sucking that guy is had in a lengthy time. Soleil actually has identified her calling in life through able cum-drainage. That babe lays back in couch, fingers rubbing her bawdy cleft whilst that gent stands by her mouth and feeds her man-pipe. By the time this lady-killer is spent his dime, he’ll have rammed the fucking shit without the nastiest, sluttiest streetwalker he is ever picked-up and he’ll cum away with nice memories of why that gent by no means showed for his job interview. Now he’s hooked on hookers. As for Soleil, if doxies got awards, that babe would be in the leaking for superlatively worthy obscene mouth, topmost suck-off and best fuck.

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Dream Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Fantasy Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Dream Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Ivan, who’s Twenty and a large Rita Daniels fan, receives his dream fulfilled and more in this three-way with Rita, 61, and Lexi McCain, 64. But first, Rita and Lexi enjoy the fruits of one of Rita’s fresh shopping trips: a humongous, double-ended vibrator. “I need to bonk u and you receive to fuck me at the same time,” Rita says to Lexi. Then Rita says, “We’re going to teach you a tiny in number things this day, Ivan.” This Lothario is right there as the ladies kiss, then they play with his ramrod a little. Then Rita says, “We must display him the proper way to insert knob.” We’re sure Ivan knows how, but, hey, he’s Twenty, they’re one as well as the other over 60, and it not at any time hurts to learn a lesson from 2 dick-loving GILFs. So they have Ivan take a seat while Rita eats Lexi‘s love tunnel, then they share the sex toy. “Come on, screw it!” Lexi demands. “You’re such a bimbo,” Rita says, her bazookas pouring over her brassiere. Then Ivan shows up to eat the girls’ dildo-filled pussies previous to stuffing his rod in their throats. Rita loses about a gallon of bodily fluid salivating all over Ivan’s jock, and before we know it, the one and the other beauties are getting banged, and during the time that they’re at it, they’re kissing and having their twats played with, and in the end, they acquire their faces coated in cum. And what do they do next? It is worth the effort to view for yourself. If u wanna call it effort.

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What’s Under Micky’s Nightgown?

What’s Below Micky’s Nightgown?

What's Below Micky's Nightgown?

Micky Bells has two larger than typical surprises under her staid, old-fashioned “granny” nightgown, a piece of sleepwear sure to disappoint a lad on his wedding night. But await. Micky is not about disappointing. That babe is here to widen the happiness. Beneath this sleeping sack is the kind of wicked, barely-there lingerie that sends a shock wave throughout a fellow when this chab first sees it! This little number decorating Micky‘s lush body could raise the Monumental. To entire her ensemble, Micky puts on dark stockings and high heels. Her knockout effect is finalized. Micky gets comfortable on the sofa, and gives u a panoramic look at of her fantastic body and humongous milk cans. She’s not done. Mickey’s pussy is some other treat this babe has to share. And then Micky takes the business end of a cock-shaped strap-on vibrator and gives herself the business with it!

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Nice & Easy Nympho

Worthwhile & Facile Nympho

Nice & Effortless Nympho

So you’re driving along and u spot Rachel Love on the street and u see her mammaries. It becomes obvious to u that this beauty has a whole lotta like to give, even if it means that you acquire to pay for it. And face it buddy, sometimes u do have to pay for it ‘coz nothing in this world cums free. But not to worry because Rachel yields a admirable return investment. When u pump specie into the Rachel Love investment it means you can also pump your wang in her. Go figure. Rachel is priceless AND facile. Watch as Rachel gets slammed for these dollars. And love any fine hooker, that babe has the appearance of that babe truly enjoys her job.

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Ultimate Alexis May: Alexis Rubs One Out

Topmost Alexis May: Alexis Rubs One Out

Ultimate Alexis May: Alexis Rubs One Out

After a admirable jog and some breast bobbing exercises, Alexis May is athletic and full of energy so this babe needs to burn it off by rubbing one out in Ultimate Alexis May. She strips off her moist workout gear and gets in nature’s garb on the sofa. 1st, Alexis uses her fingers to rubdown her slit and love button but that babe needs something harder until she can need to a 10-Pounder. A sextoy will do the trick. It may not discharge man cream in her face hole but it will leave her with a warm, fuzzy feeling until the stunt knob hooks up with her. The freckle-faced girl-next-door from a petite city near Glasgow, Scotland needs a ton of sex. This babe remembers the 1st time a husband bought her a toy. “It was about eight inches,” Alexis recalled. “It had a valuable shape. At the end it was slightly pointy, and it fit nicely in my wet crack. I used it a lot, especially when we were having sex!”

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Can Two 60comethings Fuck And Talk At The Same Time?

Can 2 60comethings Shag And Talk At The Same Time?

Can 2 60comethings Copulate And Talk At The Same Time?

Here’s Rita Daniels and Lexi McCain in their pre-fuck interview. Rita introduced us to Lexi last January, and she and her swinging ally are both wearing dresses that reveal off their bigger in size than standard fullsome funbags. Rita’s are bigger from the last time we saw her. She’s gone from a DD-cup to an F-cup.

“Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have a bra that fits me anymore,” Rita told. Lexi isn’t wearing a brassiere, but she says if this babe did, it would be “Somewhere between a C and a D.”

As interviews go, this one is less talk, more act. After Rita discloses that “I adore a good muff every now and then,” they bring out a massive, double-donged sex toy, spread their legs and share it… after Lexi acquires Rita’s love tunnel juicy. With her throat, certainly. Rita returns the favor. And then, with the vibrator inserted in one as well as the other ladies’ slits, the interview proceeds.

We don’t know about you, but we think there is something very sexy about 2 60somethings carrying on a conversation during the time that their pussies are filled with sextoy. And the real thing? That comes next.

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Natalie’s Latest Growth Spurt

Natalie’s Latest Growth Spurt

Natalie's Latest Growth Spurt

When it came time to plan the guest adult model list for this fresh Mexican hayride, Natalie Fiore‘s name was one of the 1st to be brought up. Prior to the planning stage of the journey, we learned that Natalie had one time once more talented another spurt of tit-growth. Now her hooters are more humongous than ever. They’re monumental! Compare and see. Will her breast expansion ever end? We hope it doesn’t. “I do not know why they keep growing,” says Natalie. “They just keep growing. I do not know why. Hormones? Maybe God craves me to have large bumpers. They’re still firm and straight with out a under garment.” Micky Bells offers the suggestion that eating plenty of chicken is the cause of Natalie‘s breast spurt. “I’m probably an H-cup now. I used to be a DD. Then an E. Then, final year, an F. Now I suppose I’m an H. That is the evolution of my bra buddies!”

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Bounty Hunter: Booby Trapped!

Bounty Hunter: Booby Trapped!

Bounty Hunter: Booby Trapped!

You can run, but u can not hide! Savannah Jane is trailing your gazoo, and once this babe acquires you, she is intend to bust you! And when we say bust u, we do not mean in the traditional way that bounty hunters do. That babe isn’t going to kick your door in or slam u to the ground and cuff you. Nope. Savannah is plan to LITERALLY bust you, which means you are plan to get a face full of hooters. And this babe doesn’t cuff you, this babe just wraps her bra buddies and then her cookie around your pecker so taut, that this babe drains all your nut sauce right with out u until you are too weak to move. Now that is a booby trap we think that each tit-man could live with.

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