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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Vicki Nicole

Voluptuous XL (SCORE Particular 155): Fourty Pictures of Vicki Nicole

Vicki told this babe jumps at the chance to show off her body. "I did not know so many guys like sweethearts like me," she told. "I saw XL Cuties in a store and found out they had a web page. I was pleasured to send in some snapshots and thrilled to be chosen for photo discharges and movies. If these boys out there who love slim women would spend one night with me, they would change their minds entirely. I’ve large love melons and a big ass to play with. I love sex and I know how to please males. I’m much sexier than Paris Hilton!"

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SCORE February 2008: 70 Photos of Morgan Leigh

SCORE February 2008: 70 Pictures of Morgan Leigh

Winner of the 2006
Newcomer contest, Morgan Leigh’s huge bumpers, erection-producing body and hawt
face have launched countless man-loads since her 1st photo-shoot. Watch more of Morgan in SCORE Theater.

Morgan: What do I like about my juggs? People are fascinated with my scones. They are quite
a talking point with lots of people. They have likewise given me loads of opportunities
but the main thing is that they are flawless. I love ’em. They’re large and very
round, giving me a Barbie figure.

SCORE: What’s your favorite way to satisfy a fellow in ottoman?

Morgan: Giving him oral-stimulation and the finest tit stroke that fellow is ever had.

SCORE: What satisfies you the supreme?

Morgan: Orall-service, then a slow rigid fuck.

SCORE: How does a fellow attract your attention?

Morgan: No particular way, just being hawt and a worthwhile charmer with priceless manners.

SCORE: Do you like cum bukkake?

Morgan: No, I’ve very sensitive skin. It doesn’t like cum.

SCORE: If we were to see you shopping, what would u be wearing?

Morgan: Jeans, a tight reservoir top and high heels.

SCORE: Have you had sex in public places?

Morgan: Yes, in toilets, cars, alleyways, behind buildings, over walls, all sorts of places…

SCORE: Have you ever had sex in a taxi?

Morgan: No taxis or planes but in cars a few times. It is enjoyment but a little tricky sometimes.

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Bootylicious: 17:34 Minute Video of Keleah Korrine

Bootylicious: 17:34 Minute Movie scene of Keleah Korrine

Kaleah Korrine acquires into face-sittin’. Your face. Her sittin’.

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Score 2008 Calendar: 1 Photos of Janet Jade

Score 2008 Calendar: 1 Pics of Janet Jade

March featuring Janet Jade. This month’s calendar shows off Janet Jade. Put her up on your desktop as part of your 2008.

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40Something (SCORE Special 159): 70 Photos of Cheyenne

40Something (SCORE Special 159): 70 Fotos of Cheyenne

To some vixens, a lube job means getting your car’s baby oil changed every 3,000 miles. To Cheyanne Hunter, star of the DVD SEXY HOUSEWIVES and Mechanics, it means the full-service treatment: getting your oil changed, then oiling up your bawdy cleft and backdoor for some unfathomable dipstick plunging by a greasy mechanic. "Auto mechanics turn me on," Cheyanne said. "They’re so filthy and grungy, and they know how to work with their tools." This babe laughed. "I loved sucking on his piston schlong. I especially enjoyed it when he did a full inspection of my back end."

"I am a romantic," Cheyanne told. "I like a buck who knows how to treat a domina, but how should a stud treat a dominatrix? I mean, just coz a woman chaser is polite and widens doors for a lady shouldn’t mean he doesn’t know how to drill her. Some males think they’re not being gentlemen if they actually slam a girl’s twat inflexible. No! You’re a gentleman if you fuck me good and make me cum!"

"You are not being a gentleman if u try to stick your pecker in my a-hole out of asking first," Cheyanne said. "So just ask. Chances are I’ll say yeah. In fact, I’ll probably widen my wazoo cheeks wide so it is easier for you to slip right in. And don’t even think about babying my arse when you’re in it. Fuck it hard! I desire to hear your balls slapping against my cum-hole!"

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SCORE February 2008: 40 Photos of Isabella

SCORE February 2008: 40 Pix of Isabella

Proving that tit-men are alike all over the world no matter their cultural and physical differences, Poland has their fair share of damp tee-shirts. And if there’s a juicy tee shirt contest within traveling distance of her town, you can be sure that Isabella will be there to enter it. Isabella is a former Miss Swim costume Poland winner and that babe appears to be to love entering those contests. "Those things are outdoors, well, mostly outdoors, and there’re hundred of studs attending and maybe ten beauties," Isabella said. "They always go desirous wild when we acquire wetted from the hoses. I like ’em. They are joy and I need to tanalise the shit out of the dudes. I enjoy these contests and they have precious prizes too. It can acquire messy. So I must bring my own towels and stuff to clean up but I still receive to go home and take a hot shower to become clean. Those boys should see my photos in SCORE if they want to indeed watch smth nice."

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Bootylicious: 13:52 Minute Video of Caroline Pierce

Bootylicious: 13:52 Minute Video of Caroline Pierce

This assortment of white and dark angels all have phat booties that need a lot of long attention. Smacking, squeezing, pinching and all-around manhandling. Porn star Caroline Pierce is the veteran of the group, pulling her buns wide apart so her cocksman can slip it into her snatch properly. Candace Von is too a stand-out with her raunchy floor rogering.

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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Samantha

Voluptuous XL (SCORE Peculiar 155): Fourty Fotos of Samantha

"I do not observe many adult episodes," says Samantha who’s not just any Samantha. The celebrated Samantha. "! don’t wish to be influenced by anyone else’s performances. When u go to a strip club, all the cuties dance alike because they all check out each other and pick up each other’s moves. If I observed porn, I might pick up on other people’s moves, and I do not crave to do that. You mimic things even if u do not realize it. When you’re a little kid, u mimic the adults around u until u learn things for yourself. It would be the same watching porn."

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Orgasmic Light Orchestra

Hey there Mrs Blue, we’re so pleased to be with u…check out my penis, see what u do…. Everyone in advance of u go to sleep u should make sure to thank god in your prayers for giving us hot hard-on hammering HORNY HOUSEWIFE’s like this at to brighten our days.


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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Ivy Dreams

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SCORE February 2008: 70 Photos of Brianna Costello

SCORE February 2008: 70 Pictures of Brianna Costello

“When I walk into a grocery store and I’ve a tight, thin shirt on or I just finished cleaning my car–I wear a worthy little getup for car cleaning–I always receive plenty of looks,” Brianna Costello says. She’s a beauty who has each right to boast–if this babe wanted to. “When I am at the car wash, people just avoid and stare, and I truly think that when they’re looking at me, they’re having judgmental thoughts about my big meatballs. A lot of ’em aren’t looking at my love bubbles cuz they like big love muffins, although I know tons of the chaps do. They’re looking at me cuz they’re thinking things like, ‘Oh, she has no class,’ or, ‘She’s not a proper Southern female,’ whatever that’s. So I’ve come up with naming them boob-prejudiced people.”

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I Fucked Your Wife: 19:01 Minute Video of Penny Porsche

I Rogered Your Wife: 19:01 Minute Movie scene of Penny Porsche

Porno star Penny Porsche struts her sex ram by talking to her off camera partner, “Mr. P.” as that babe takes a younger boy for a tour around her body that he’ll at no time forget. If u like tons of big tit play, sloppy blow jobs, slamming titty screwing, subrigid cum-hole reaming and wads of rope on mammoth scones, Penny’s scene in “I rogered Your wife!” is a need to watch.

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Pillow-Pads For Pommies

Those lewd Limey lovers show that not only do they have matching tattoos and simultaneous orgasms but also…
Primo nymphos like this British cutie too have sweet pillowy marshmallow mound mangos to relax on after the deed is done.


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SCORE February 2008: 45 Photos of Ashley Juggs

SCORE February 2008: Fourty five Pics of Ashley Scoops

Ashley. U know her. U love her. Born in Maryland, the hot offspring of a Puerto Rican daddy and an Italian/Jamaican Mommy, that babe was a military brat and lived in different locations until this babe finally settled near Orlando, Florida. Whilst a high school student, Ashley realized that with her body and bazookas, she could seek higher education during the time that too inspiring breast bucks to sprout rock-hard dicks. Ashley began lap dancing at lap dancing clubs to pay her college costs and other bills, like many girls previous to her. That babe quickly became a popular dancer at the local lap dancing clubs around Orlando, such as Exotic dancing club Juana, the Diamond Club and the Doll Abode. Ashley doesn’t shake her love melons on stage anymore, but the males who sat in those black rooms with a dollar in one hand and a drink in the other won’t at any time forget Miss Bosoms.

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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Peaches LaRue

Voluptuous XL (SCORE Peculiar 155): 40 Photos of Peaches LaRue

Peaches Larue is 5’6", 200 lbs. and wears a 38G below garment. "I have lots of carnal dreams, but I am not coyness about acting ’em out so almost any of ’em have already come true," that babe said to XL Girls’ slack-jawed, partially drooling editor. "I like the one and the other chaps and hotty’s so I love to go to swinger’s parties and partake of what I call the cunt buffet. A line of beauties will all lay down and I’ll move along, playing with and touching with tongue their cunts until they all cum. It’s great! I adore it!"

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Voluptuous: 10:17 Minute Video of Alix Lakehurst

Voluptuous: 10:17 Minute Movie scene of Alix Lakehurst

Alix Lakehurst is 5’3″, measures 42-29-40 and weighs 135 pounds. Here that babe scours throughout the tall vegetation until that babe comes to a clearing away from prying eyes where that babe can vibrator her fur pie. Alix, we hi u… With one hand!

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