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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 50 Photos of Sunshine

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: Fifty Fotos of Sunshine

Sunshine’s not a large talker in general but when she does talk about sex, Sushine’s always willing to back up her words in front of the cameras with lusty engulfing and fucking. Her scones were made to fuck. What she does to this dude’s corpulent is great toss off fuel. There are sufficient jackin-spirational images in this one photo-shoot to final for a month, judging by our man-hose meter. Your receive to give this bucks some credit. This chab walked without the studio beneath his own force after this exhausting date with Sunshine.

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Sandra Romain: 27:11 Minute Video of Sandra Romain

Sandra Romain: 27:11 Minute Movie of Sandra Romain

Let’s tell you about Sandra Romain. Gorgeous and hawt. That babe is European-born (can you guess by her name where this babe was born?) and that babe lives in America. Sandra is one of the hottest hotty’s we have ever had the joy to invite to the SCORE studio. We placed her in BootyLicious ‘cuz she has an astonishing butt. Large, yet not sloppy. Round and firm and tight yet meaty. The flawless gazoo? Maybe. Check out that wazoo receive impaled. This is real jerk off material for red-blooded, sexually excited studs. This movie alone is worth a month’s membership.

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SCORE January 2008: 100 Photos of Terry Nova

SCORE January 2008: 100 Pix of JOEL Nova

What’s it like to be around a large group of people for an complete week on a secluded, tropical island for a week and not be professional to communicate with any of ’em?

What was it like to be ALBERT Nova during our week in Eleuthera, The Bahamas?
I can imagine it need to have been a little lonely. I have no idea. BENJAMIN always looked like that babe was having a valuable time, but that babe likewise always looked like she wanted to say something but could not say it…because none of us would understand what that babe was saying.

In Eleuthera, there was not a single person who spoke larger amount than a not many words of Czech. But GENE didn’t exactly acquire the silent treatment. You know how when people try to communicate with a person whose language they don’t speak, they’ll speak extra slowly, as if speaking lazily can break the language barrier? There was plenty of that going on. Tons of body language, too.

Terry’s 42-28-36 body with F-cup tits-I think they might be larger quantity like H-cups because she’s definitely as big boobed as Christy Marks was the talk of the island. And that’s saying something! The beauties were all amazed by Terry’s body: colossal, full zeppelins; a large, bangable gazoo; thick, curvy thighs. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. “Built like a brick shithouse” might be a cliché, but it is an appropriate description of Terry’s body. I caught Angela White drooling over her numerous times.

The great thing about JOEL is that that babe doesn’t need to be said how to be sexy. She understands the power this babe has over fellows, and that babe knows how to give ’em just the right look, do the right thing. I loved walking up the stairs behind ROGER. That babe always wore arse shorts, and that was quite a view. I would’ve said, “Nice arse.” But that babe would not have understood me.

Besides, she knows.

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Mother Daughter Fuck – Blindfolded Boyfriend


Meet Braiden. He’s the latest buck that my daughter and I have shared. This ladies man came over to our abode contemplating to fuck my daughter. Well, this chab did end up sticking his jock into her, but this Lothario got a lot more than he expected. Click on the photo above to see movie movies from our nasty adventure with Braiden from Mamma Daughter Fuck.

When Braiden came over, my daughter blindfolded him. That smooth operator was thinking that babe have to be into smth perverted, but that man had no idea how kinky. This charmer has a very unbelievable sized rod and my daughter can’t wait to ride it. I can not either and it is not long in advance of we switch spots and I acquire my turn with his shlong. He doesn’t even notice a difference until that ladies man pulls off the blindfold. This woman chaser is shocked but he doesn’t prevent banging me. In fact, now this chab fucks me even harder. This ladies man lifts me up by my legs and begins pounding my love tunnel!

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MILF Combo Meal shows us the funnest way to have a quickie combo meal for your lunch break. This lucky man and these two super-slut SEXY HOUSEWIFE’s get to have fun some sausage, a fish sandwich and a taco, and if they eat it right they even get frothy drinks.


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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Photos of Veronica Vaughn

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Pics of Veronica Vaughn

Veronica is set to make her MICHAEL in the tradition of Devin Taylor and Laura Bailey. This mid-western sweetheart is 5’5″, 215 pounds, and measures 48-36-46. This babe hooks on a 40G underneath garment, which this babe unhooked for her debut in this edition. “I wanted to costume a little upscale for my Voluptuous debut,” Veronica said. “I wear business nonchalant if I’m going out but my relaxed free and effortless usually consists of shorts and a spaghetti shirt.” Eventually Veronica acquires into what that babe wears at home. Her birthday suit. “I’m naked in my apartment majority of the time…unless it is too cold to be undressed.” Veronica first appeared lately in and earned a bunch of praise including DENNIS saying “I wanted to say that Veronica Vaughn is the hottest dominatrix I’ve seen, she’s completely ideal in each sense of the word hawt, and I hope many others accede!” We’re sure bigger amount boyz will be joining the bandwagon as Veronica makes larger quantity appearances in 2008.

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Delilah: 22:53 Minute Video of Delilah

Delilah: 22:53 Minute Movie scene of Delilah

Southern belle Delilah’s smooth operator is without city, and this babe urges to borrow some sugar from her juvenile neighbor, and it is not the granulated type! That babe likes his rock hard muscles, especially the one betwixt his legs. Delilah blows him and gets eaten out and finger banged in advance of riding his penis reverse cowgirl, the bigger amount worthy to show off her pierced twat. That babe is prime HORNY HOUSEWIFE meat, and this babe acquires rammed with prime meat.

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Fucked Tits – Girl Next Door Angela


Meet Angela, she’s gorgeous much the girl next door – except this hotty next door has done a few low quality B and C grade films. However, she came to Screwed Melons today hoping staring in one of their films would lead to bigger and greater amount breathtaking things. Click on the photo above to see sample movie vids of Angela in act at Banged Breasts.

Angela doesn’t have the astronomical breasts but then she doesn’t look like the porno star type. However, after seeing a pair of clips of hers I knew she was a freak and I couldn’t wait to watch what she was going to do at Fucked Tits. Angela quickly acquires down to work, giving her co-star the full treatment. This babe rubs his ramrod against her perky teen mounds. This chab slides his penis betwixt her miniature mammaries of cleavage and finally she strokes his strapon until this Lothario gushes load of sexy cum across her pointer sisters. She’s definitely not as blameless as this babe looks.

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Empty Places and Wide Open Spaces

Doncha detest it when u’re somewhere or looking at anything and u can just tell that somethings missing? Vicki at has this one youthful lady-killer bouncing his pogo-stick down her throat but oh look, there’s her legs totally widen.


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Candace Von: 17:55 Minute Video of Candace Von

Candace Von: 17:55 Minute Movie of Candace Von

Don’t you love a goddess who says “Mmmm. Mmmmm. Ahh. Ohhh. Mmmmmm,” when she’s unzipping a guy’s trousers. Love that. Candace is that kind of hotty, anticipating the schlong that is she’s plan to lick and engulf. (Now if that stuntman would just shut the fuck up.) Candace keeps that hot groaning up, making slurping and popping noises as her head moves up and down on the shaft. But expect, there is much bigger in size amount…Candace Von, we hello you with one hand.

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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 40 Photos of Desirae

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: Fourty Images of Desirae

Moist or dry, Desirae’s a pleaser. “I love to be fingered in the ass and the cunt at the same time. That gives me a nice-looking meaty agonorgasmos. I like to be treated like a sex bondman during sex sometimes. And the more I feel like the slave, the more aroused I receive. I like to be treated like a doxy but the lad has to respect me. I’m a girl that will fuck you so priceless if u treat me worthy. I’ll gorgeous much do whatever a lad desires me to in daybed if this lady-killer treats me right.”

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Pokey Meets Gumby

These super-sluts at need bigger amount than just one hole filled to sate their 30-something lusts. Like this primo-nympho getting one as well as the other holes rammed as the pokey glass sex-toy drives into her butt to meet the rubbery one being squeezed in her hungry muff.


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Jasmin: 20:03 Minute Video of Jasmin

Jasmin: 20:03 Minute Episode of Jasmin

36-24-36 Jasmin is a big-titted Oriental intimate hawt dancer. A lot of males at the private and bachelor parties that babe does would love to fuck her. This babe begins the action in this movie by getting on her knees and blowing her fuck-buddy’s engorged shlong. Warning! Super-hot banging follows! Jasmin is really a sexy little Oriental bang-doll. Don’t blame her if u drop a load watching her do what that babe does superlatively wonderful.

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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Photos of Miranda

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Images of Miranda

“Miranda is a really Voluptuous female,” GLEN from the YOU.K. writes about this rare bitch hotty who is like a living statue, an example of human art. “The almost all lascivious photo is, in my opinion, the 1st one. The sight of Miranda wearing that diaphanous negligée started something stirring in my trousers. What’s so carnal is the way the negligée clings to her pretty full billibongs, just above her aureole and nipple, tantalisingly trying to hide what lies below, and thankfully failing. Miranda has it all, glamourous looks, lovely full fun bags, worthy round a-hole and a smooth, damp vagina which all adds up to the body of a mistress, a Voluptuous female-dominant. Do not leave it likewise long in advance of you include greater quantity of this glamourous female. Once some other time chaps, keep up the nice work.”

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40Something (SCORE Special 159): 70 Photos of Jillian Foxxx

40Something (SCORE Specific 159): 70 Pictures of Jillian Foxxx

Those 2 guys have no idea why they were invited to Jillian’s house, and to tell the truth, they’re a little bit anxious. They the one and the other used to fuck Jillian’s daughter! Is Jillian going to give them a tongue-lashing? Well, not exactly. But kind of. Is that babe intend to ream ’em out for fucking her daughter? Well, somebody’s intend to receive reamed, but it’s not plan to be the boys. It is intend to be Jillian.

In the DVD “I Fucked Your Wife…Again!” Jillian invites the chaps over cuz that babe craves them to screw her and film it. This babe wants to engulf their ramrods, and she wants ’em to cock-slam her snatch and a-hole at the same time. ‘coz when it comes to fellows, Mama knows most wondrous.

“Guys love my blow jobs cuz my throat feels like a really luscious vagina,” Jillian said. “I’m always looking at the chap when I am giving a oral enjoyment. I suppose eye contact is so important, especially in porn. Boys desire to watch me looking at them. If I am looking right into the camera when I have a penis in my face hole and some other one in my booty, the boyz who are watching the clip think, “Look at that filthy doxy. She is doing this just for me.” You see that picture where the cum is leaking down my chin and all over my marangos? See how I am looking into the camera? Doing that makes me feel wicked. And I am!”

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Veteran of porn

Even tho this babe’s been around for a lengthy time, Nina still has a thing or 2 to train the youthful up and cummers. Click over to and witness her veteran wet crack take this boys tool like the skilled that it’s.


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