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Anna with Frilly Blue Top: 15:55 Minute Video of Anna Song

Anna with Frilly Blue Top: 15:55 Minute Movie scene of Anna Song

Hawt, youthful Russian Anna Song was voted V-Mag’s Newcomer of the Year. In this series of vids from the DVD Climax With Anna, Anna appears in seven scenes. Anna wears sexy, babydoll hawt outfit, then not fast disrobes to show off her large funbags and new snatch. Then she penetrates her vagina with girl-sticks that get damp in her juice.

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Voluptuous December 2007: 50 Photos of Jane Blow

Voluptuous December 2007: Fifty Pix of Jane Blow

Batter up and view out for those dirt balls. Head down with Jane to a batting cage for a little exercise and pleasure in the sun. “I get to cum a few times a day to be proud,” says Jane, exchanging the baseball bat for a big chick-stick. “I have to have each part of me rubbed, tickled and stimulated in some way. That’s supposed to mean I love to have my bouncy bosoms played with and sucked and I love to have my fur pie and arse fingered at the same time whilst my love button is being licked. I am not stiff to make cum if you know all the right tricks. Once you do, I am yours! So make me cum…hard!”

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40Something December 2007 Special #156: 70 Photos of Dana Divine

40Something December 2007 Specific #156: 70 Images of Dana Divine

When California sexpot Dana Devine made her debut in the August ’07 issue of 40Something, this babe said us that that babe likes to have threesomes and foursomes. She told us that she likes having a shlong in her wazoo. She also said us that this babe can’t live with out double-penetration, but it is difficult to detect 2 bucks to screw her cookie and ass at the same time. But in the DVD M.I.L.F.S. and Mechanics, Dana acquires what she wants: A naughty, hard-driving double-stuffing that fills her tight twat and asshole to the rim.

In MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK and Mechanics, Dana is a wanton female who brings in her car for a lube job and ends up getting her pipes cleaned by 2 concupiscent, sweaty grease monkeys who happily fill each fuckin’ orifice of her hot fuckin’ body. “I loved it,” Dana said. “I loved engulfing one guy’s pecker during the time that the other banged me, and I loved showing off my specialty: mouthing off one knob whilst jacking off the other.”

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Goodbye 2007!

Now here’s an old acquaintance I’d absolutely not at any time forget, like no matter how much chronic I smoked! Fellow this is the ultimate way to ring in the new year. If a sexy Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK like Britian from is working on my cock as the clock strikes midnight tonight, that’d be like the almost any absolutely fucking remarkable way to bring in 2008.

Happy New Year!


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Emily likes it rough

Down on the floor, bent over a table,
on her knees like a doxy … it’s all the same to Emily. She doesn’t
care how that babe gets rogered just so lengthy as it’s hard and rough and the
harder and rougher it is the better that babe likes it. See this bitch
in action and you’ll wish a piece of the action with her also.

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By Request: 69 Photos of Romina Lopez

By Request: 69 Fotos of Romina Lopez

Requested By B.R.

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Hardcore Special: 98 Photos of Alanna Ackerman

Hardcore Special: 98 Images of Alanna Ackerman

Alanna Ackerman knows that boyz receive hard-ons when they see her large whoppers and that’s why she’s here. We love hotties who flaunt their jugs and Alanna’s never been timid about flaunting ’em…on the beach, at the mall, filling her gas reservoir. That babe wanted the mountainous jock she could wrap her big, fleshy pantoons around. The girl knows oral joy worship is the way to a man’s heart. If that babe gives great head, she’ll get a wonderful, stiff fucking in return.

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SCORE Studio: 60 Photos of Alexis Silver

SCORE Studio: 60 Pix of Alexis Silver

Alexis Silver says that baitin’ is her prefered way to kick off the day and that’s before her morning coffee. If she doesn’t have her prefered Ultra-Rabbit, she’ll settle for another jizzmo or her fingers. You’d figure that a busy pornstar like Alexis would not play with herself but that would be a wrong assumption. The toy she’s using in this pictorial branches out with a love button stimulator but she is turned it around to tickle her anal opening.

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A River of MILF

Ladies man that’s some lovely nectar right there.  HORNY HOUSEWIFE wet crack is like totally an all u can eat buffet that not at all runs dry. This dripping juicy chick can stuff my face with bawdy cleft as much as that babe desires.


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Sunshine: 23:05 Minute Video of Sunshine

Sunshine: 23:05 Minute Video of Sunshine

Sunshine’s bought a pie so she can sugarize her mammoth, enormous, fatty knockers!

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Voluptuous December 2007: 40 Photos of Devyn Devine

Voluptuous December 2007: Fourty Pix of Devyn Devine

“I’ve by no means met a man who did not go for my love bubbles first,” Devyn said us. “I’m not a big nipp hotty, so u should not ever go str8 for my nipps. U should always go for around the outdoors. And don’t ever forget the underside. And then u go slowly. U acquire to have smth to build up to. And then you can get a little rougher and use your teeth. But he’s not intend to stay there forever. He has to mix it up. I have not at all been a goddess who likes to go camping, and I don’t expect my dudes to camp, either, so he’s going to kick off on my chest, go down to my muff for a while, make his way back up to my milk shakes for a during the time that, go back down to my slit. Up and down. We’re just plan to savour.” Now observe as Devyn acquires as much knob as this babe can handle. She’s clearly done this previous to!

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Score at the adult store

Chap it would be absolutely magnificant if sexy Vicki Vette showed up some time when I’m renting pornos.  Guy you’ve to appreciate a female with smack, and completely serves up some enjoyable wazoo nymphos who can’t acquire sufficient.


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Samantha Sanders: 22:35 Minute Video of Samantha Sanders

Samantha Sanders: 22:35 Minute Movie of Samantha Sanders

A big-boobed picnic turns into a roll in the grass for Samantha Sanders.

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Volutpuous December 2007: 50 Photos of Deborah Blue

Volutpuous December 2007: 50 Pix of Deborah Blue

Deborah lets her hair down after a scarcely any positions and that is a priceless thing. That babe is likewise carefree a goddess to look so formal. “I am indeed a very sedate person,” Deborah reveals. “I don’t like to go to noisy exotic dancing clubs or parties. I go to work and I go home. I have dinner, look at television and read in sofa before intend to sleep. I have no interest in the wild life or having affairs. I live a very ordered, strict lifestyle like my Mama. It have to be my German upbringing. I don’t feel like I have missed everything. I’m very happy and relish life!”

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Mother Daughter Fuck – Threesome


Well, it was starting to look like it was going to be a quiet week at Mamma Daughter Fuck. The one daughter, Alexandra is still in Europe with her partner. The other daughter, Megan has headed over to her father’s to spend the holidays there with his side of the family. That leaves Stacy, the Mom all alone and very excited for the holidays. That’s when this babe gets a phone call from Matt. Matt is one of the first lads Stacy and her daughter shared when the Mamma Daughter Fuck web site was just getting started.

Matt has a girlfriend now, and this babe found out about his threesome with the HORNY HOUSEWIFE and her lustful daughter. Some girlfriends might be a little shocked, but Sheila was turned on by it. Sheila had not at any time been in a three-some before but wanted to try it! This Mother definitely proved that babe could relish with out her daughters this day. And that lucky prick, Matt got some other story to tell his allies, that none of ’em would believe.

Visit Mama Daughter Fuck and watch all the hardcore taboo adventures caught on film!

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Two skokin hot amatuer milfs get it on with a hot stud!

Minivan Mommies

hardcore milfs

Nicole and Tabitha are one as well as the other Fourty five years old dilettante M.I.L.F.S. and are at their carnal peaks! Observe them one as well as the other receive screwed at the same time by a young amateur dude.

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