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Hardcore Special: 92 images of Harmony Heart: 92 Photos of Harmony Heart

Hardcore Special: 92 photos of Harmony Heart: 92 Photos of Harmony Heart

Tricks or marangos? Harmony Heart is looking for tricks on Halloween night, clothed up as a jungle sex-bomb. That babe knocks on one door where a fellow just killing time at home is really glad to see her. One view her 36-26-36 body and he’s ready to hand over the candy. It may be Halloween on the calendar but it is Christmas for this Lothario. Harmony’s insane to find a unyielding pole to engulf and fuck so this is her favourable night too.

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SCORE Theater: 25:46 Min Video of Harmony Heart: 25:46 Minute Video of Harmony Heart

SCORE Theater: 25:46 Min Movie of Harmony Heart: 25:46 Minute Video of Harmony Heart

Tricks or Knockers? Harmony Heart is a little old to be trick or treating but her cave gal outfit gives her a free pass to do anything she damned well pleases. J.Mac offers her a sucker but this babe doesn’t like mouthing lollipops. One more kind of mouthing stick is what Harmony has in mind and that babe urges it now. That babe wastes no time in going downtown on her fresh fuck buddy’s pulsating Johnson. This babe spreads her throat for lollipop anyway while she’s titty-fucked. Harmony sure knows how to suck on a guy’s pecker and even finds a fresh way to take up with the tongue his lollipop.

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Voluptuous October 2007: 60 Photos of Ivy Dreams

Voluptuous October 2007: 60 Pics of Ivy Dreams

Ivy’s been modeling for a slight in number years now. That babe measures 42-36-40, wears a 36FF brassiere, weighs 175 lbs. and stands 5’5″. This babe has a impressive face and she has a amiable, girl-next-door look about her that’s very bewitching. That babe enjoys showing off her body and appreciates the attention. Ivy’s first movie scene is Large DALE Sex School.

Voluptuous: Ivy, What do u remember supreme about making Large Girl Sex School?
Ivy: Getting to be around all of these hot beauties and dudes.
Voluptuous: What brands of bras do you buy?
Ivy: like Fredericks of Hollywood.
Voluptuous: Do u ever wear smaller bras to acquire greater breast valley?
Ivy: You bet I do! The larger amount deep cleavage the greater amount wonderful.
Voluptuous: When you’re trying on a bra, what do u do to test whether it’s plan to fit right?
Ivy: I do plenty of bending over and shaking the beauties.

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40Something October 2007 Special #153: 70 Photos of Julia Butt

40Something October 2007 Specific #153: 70 Fotos of Julia A-hole

That store in the sleazy part of city that says “MASSAGE PARLOR” on the window? Massages aren’t all they’re giving. But you already knew that, or at least suspected it. So you go inside, feeling a little bit nervous, a bit apprehensive…but these feelings go away when u watch your rub-down therapist, a tight-bodied, big-titted blonde M.I.L.F. with a twinkle in her eyes. This babe takes your credit card and tells you to un-dress and tell lies face-down on the table, which is lucky ’cause you have a hard-on that cant be hidden.
“Hi. My name is Julia,” this babe says as that babe works her velvety but meaty hands up and down your body, lingering at your booty, then working her way down your legs. After a miniature in number minutes, she asks you to turn over, and when you do, that babe sees your dick tenting your towel. “Hmmm,” that babe says. “Looks like we’re a little hard this day. Let us see what I can do about that.” And this babe swallows your weenie to the root.

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Tessa: 23:36 Minute Video of Tessa

Tessa: 23:36 Minute Movie scene of Tessa

Large MARCUS returns to poke his rod into Tessa, who’s grateful for the attention.

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Voluptuous October 2007: 40 Photos of Kerry Marie

Voluptuous October 2007: 40 Fotos of Kerry Marie

One of Kerry’s jobs previous to being detected by Linsey Dawn McKenzie was as a dental hygienist. Then it was off to topless photo modeling. So in advance of we are accused of being a bad influence by having our models eat chocolate ice spunk bars, we would like to state that Kerry in fact brushed her teeth after this pictorial was completed. She showered the sticky sex cream off her magnificant body as well although we’ve no pics of that precious activity. Somehow we just cant imagine plan to the dentist and having Kerry assist him as they pushed and drilled our teeth. The image of the dentist trying to fix a tooth with Kerry in her white, low-cut dental hygienist’s uniform hovering over us, her stupendous deep cleavage pantoons solely a fraction of an inch from our noses, is also much to handle. No, that babe was meant for better.

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Happy Halloween 2007

It is that time of year again, Halloween! This year we had a goth party to go and this is what I wore. I was in a lengthy middle age era dressed with a laced bodice. The bodice was great in letting me go braless, but then I also went knicker less……..grin. I had fun with “ghosting” up my makeup, feeling completely devilish, loving the contrast of the glamourous pink rose against my outfit and my cunt, really showed off the pinkness of my cookie. Between the smells of my bawdy cleft and the rose it was intoxicating. I just had to enjoy with my purple sextoy, letting it slid into my fur pie my juices. It was a ghoulish night of fun. ~ Toni KatVixen Larger quantity Here

Samantha: 26:03 Minute Video of Samantha Sanders

Samantha: 26:03 Minute Episode of Samantha Sanders

Samantha’s bosoms are the talk of Great Britain. The people speak with reverence and awe.

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Voluptuous October 2007: 40 Photos of Katherine James

Voluptuous October 2007: Fourty Pictures of Katherine NICHOLAS

V-Mag: Did you play sports in school? Katherine: Nope. With those studs, I would have gotten a darksome eye! I was a D in the Ninth grade and a DD by the time I graduated.
V-Mag: Did your male teachers treat u any differently ‘cuz you are big breasted?
Katherine: Not that I recall. It was just the other kids.
V-Mag: Do you know how much your scones weigh?
Katherine: I haven’t a clue. Enormous!
V-Mag: What position do you usually sleep in?
Katherine: I normally sleep on my left side. If I sleep on my belly, I must have a pillow beneath me so my bouncy bosoms don’t get smooshed.

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Does she look PHAT to you?

Honesty is the almost any worthy policy, and Vicki does look P.H.A.T. — Gorgeous Hawt And Irresistible. Bring your schlong on over to and dip into this blonde bombshell or one of her soccer Mamma girlfriends.


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New Discovery: 52 Photos of Alanna Ackerman

Recent Discovery: 52 Pix of Alanna Ackerman

Glad Halloween from Fresh Discovery Alanna Ackerman, a Florida bra-buster who has the juggs and needs the treats. Gor some candy for this Sexy Mystery Hotty? Alanna measures 40-29-38, weighs 140 lbs. and stands 5’1″. She can squeeze her mellow pumpkins into a 34E. It depends on the choice of the day: Fredericks, Victoria’s, Playtex or Maidenform. An orange tit-sling looked right for Halloween. “I always wear a undergarment except at home,” Alanna says. “Then I’ll just put on a tank-top. When I leave the house, I’m usually in a petticoat, a T-shirt and high heels. Except during Halloween.”

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Voluptuous Theater: 18:08 Minute Video of Alanna Ackerman

Voluptuous Theater: 18:08 Minute Episode of Alanna Ackerman

Our beloved kind of hawt bartender. A bartender with LARGE knockin’ jugs! These vixens from Coyote Unsightly are cute but they’re usually C-cuppers. Meet Fresh Exposed Discovery Alanna Ackerman and have a drink on us. Maybe she is looking for somebody to tap her kegs. “I’m a Southern hotty originally from Georgia.” Alanna says. “I now live in central Florida. My accent has escaped me. I am a very active girl. I like reading, painting, sketching, almost all forms of art, horse riding, biking, hiking, camping, clubbing, intend to the beach, movies and working-out.” And, almost all priceless of all, showing off her big busted, shapely body too!

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Private Stuffers: 19:36 Minute Video of Alexia Moore

Intimate Stuffers: 19:36 Minute Movie scene of Alexia Moore

We’re all big tools for Alexia Moore. She is just the one item every garage needs. U cant mount the Fresh York lap dancer on your wall but u could mount her on that saw table. Hold onto your hardware when Alexia wets her tank-top with a soapy sponge and brace yourself when she reaches into the toolbox for a scissor to cut her top to shreds! “I’m so dizzy now,” Alexia groans, fingering herself into nirvana.

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Hardcore Special: 51 Photos of Brianna Bragg

Hardcore Special: 51 Pics of Brianna Bragg

It’s facile getting used to Brianna Bragg shoveling a big STEPHEN down her face hole. Her throating skills are nut-boiling hawt. Why this babe doesn’t go into these hot dog eating contests is one of life’s unsolved mysteries. Some other Florida local, Brianna receives a worthy porking in her 3rd Hardcore Special. Previous to Brianna began doing the sexy stuff, that babe was in the Army, ranked as a Specialist Grade E4.

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Panther: 23:03 Minute Video of Panther

Panther: 23:03 Minute Episode of Panther

U do not must be glamourous to fuck Panther. Just keep it up.

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Voluptuous October 2007: 80 Photos of Panther

Voluptuous October 2007: 80 Fotos of Panther

We love how these gigantic boobies hang over the mower handles. Panther can’t even mow the lawn. Some chap will crawl with out the grass and slide her the wang-dang-dong. Fuckin’-A! Panther’s 1st full-sex scene was the movie Breaking And Entering. Then a hawt fuck in Big breasted Fucks. Panther is not just all about the love bubbles, although that’s worthy with us. That babe has large brains to match her large chest. “I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in May 2007 and I would like to continue to study business on the Masters level,” says Panther. Just as lengthy as you do not prevent doing XXX videos for this educational nonsense, vixen. We need your non-stop body.

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