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Kally Kay Stockings: 15:16 Minute Video of Kelly Kay

Kally Kay Stockings: 15:16 Minute Clip of Kelly Kay

Kelly Kay’s milk sacks are more massively enriched in this video ‘cuz she was preggo at the time. First Kelly plays with her dark-skinned stockings before she drifts to her monumental mambos and her moist cookiepuss. Visit Kelly’s website Her DVD’s include Chesty Preggos and Alone With Kelly Kay.

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SCORE Card: 12 Photos of SCORE Card

SCORE Card: 12 Pictures of SCORE Card

A big congratulations to Devin Taylor for winning Porn star of the year [XL Cuties SP #149]. I loved her photo-shoot in the blue bikini. Miss Karen Udders looked perfectly fetching. Maria Verbeck, you can at not time post too much of her. I have been expecting for Dusty Rose. That woman is magnificant. This babe is built like a brick shithouse. The Urge Monet pictorial was with out this world. I was not impressed from her debut with the images u guys chose. They didn’t show her off, so I was not a fan of hers. But when I saw these fotos, I knew right there I was going to blow my load to her. The images you boyz chose for this pictorial should have been used for her debut. They show off her body like you wouldn’t believe!-B.B.

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SCORE September 2007: 40 Photos of Petra

SCORE September 2007: Fourty Pix of Petra

U at no time know about a gal. When this babe adult models at first, there’s no way of guessing if that babe will go all the way at some future time. The risk in asking point blank is that that babe could change her mind totally about any kind of modeling. As u know, for some models, sex is a intimate thing, not to be done in front of a digital camera. For some, sex is a enjoyment activity and allows them to express an exhibitionistic streak. With Petra, we didn’t know which way she’d go. It is been 2 years since this babe began posing in SCORE, only in solo pictorials with different looks. The tongue jewelry was a sure sign that babe loved sex but it did not mean that she’d fuck for the SCORE cameras. “I wanted to try it,” Petra told. “I was not ever against it. I guess it is better for people to see sex than violence. Sex is a positive life vigour. It was very thrilling to make this scene and have sex for fotos. When I looked at my fotos, I became very lewd one time larger quantity. So now I identified that I am a voyeur also. I desire to make greater amount.” Sounds like a porno star in the making. In those fotos, SCORE Charmer has a suitcase full of costumes and props. Petra tries on a body-hugging PVC corset that interests her. That babe takes it off so they can must the sexin’ and we can receive an unobstructed look at of her great body.

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Solo Video Masturbation: 9:22 Minute Video of Valerie

Solo Episode Masturbation: 9:22 Minute Clip of Valerie

Valerie is a 67-year-old former school teacher, and in this clip, we watch her showing off her acting ability. You watch, in this scene, Valerie is playing the part of a horny wife (that part is accurate) who’s sitting around all day expecting for her partner to come home. That is where the fiction comes in. In real life, Valerie would just go out and find somebody else to fuck. Forget the spouse. But here…well, there’s no thing not right with a little bit of fantasy, and you are plan to savour watching Valerie receive off.

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Have you ever been in Austin?

Ms. Austin here is in need of some ramrod and it appears to be that her mechanic may not have the right tools to reach her g-spot. Bring your tool, tour into Austin, and take her where that babe needs to go at


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Savanna Synn Interview: 28:29 Minute Video of Savanna Synn

Savanna Synn Interview: 28:29 Minute Video of Savanna Synn

Savanna Synn is a mega-boobed adult model, hairstylist and performer. Oh yeah, she is a mega-boobed MILF-type too. Her fotos appeared in the August and Holiday 2006 issues of SCORE. This day that babe sits down with SCORE’s editor and talks about sex, love bubbles, pierced clits, teats and bigger in size amount.

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SCORE September 2007: 40 Photos of Anna Song

SCORE September 2007: Fourty Pix of Anna Song

As tons of u bucks know, especially the regulars, we wanted Anna to join us in the Bahamas. It was a major disappointment when her visa complications fucked up these plans. We indeed wanted to check Anna out compared to the other cuties and we wanted to do some tropical location shooting. However, we’re pleased to watch Anna in her plaid skirt and tight top in front of a staircase if we can’t acquire the palm trees and beach in there. After all, it’s all about their bodies and their mammaries in the large picture of life!

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SCORE September 2007: 40 Photos of Ines Cudna

SCORE September 2007: Fourty Fotos of Ines Cudna

It appears to be hard to make almost certainly of that four years have passed since Ines Cudna “announced” her presence on mag racks around the world in 2003. Then a fashionable teenager, that babe is now a handsome lady. She is still coyness in many ways even though she’s by no means been demure about sticking novelties into her thick-lipped, charming pussy and brown-eye. For sample, when the topic of sex with a smooth operator comes up, she blushes, laughs and covers her face with her hand. But when it comes to angels, Ines has made it with the most incredible including Linsey Dawn, Marketa, Veronika and Cassandra.

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Brianna Costello Backstage: 22:41 Minute Video of Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello Backstage: 22:41 Minute Movie scene of Brianna Costello

“Don’t miss an inch of my bouncy bosoms,” Brianna Costello exclaims. “Suck them everywhere. I know majority boys merely wish to suck on the nipples, so I get to tell ’em, ‘Come on, try to acquire my whole boob in your face hole!’ Nobody has ever been pro to do it, but I love when they try!”

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SCORE September 2007: 40 Photos of Autumn-Jade

SCORE September 2007: Fourty Pictures of Autumn-Jade

A woman SCORE fan named Arianna from North Carolina was inspired enough to write us after seeing this Autumn-Jade in the men’s room pictorial: “My hubby and I get off to SCORE all the time. I masturbate to the hardcore all the time. My sex tools get a real workout, and so does my love tunnel. The photo set of Autumn-Jade reminded me that my spouse and I’ve fun screwing in bathrooms when we’re on the road. If we’re lewd, we don’t care what kind of men’s room it’s. I love the naughty smell of a men’s baths. It makes my cunt so fucking moist. My husband jacks off all the time, and I’m always willing to assist him. When we’re in some smutty men’s room, my spouse sits on the throne room and I am on my knees playing with his cock. My boyfriend has the ideal penis: lengthy, thick and, paramount of all, uncut. I can’t keep my hands or lips off his shlong and balls. Then I put his soaked rod betwixt my hooters and slip Them up and down his chubby 10-Pounder. This chab likes it fast, also. The large, glossy head of his rod is going in and with out my deep cleavage. Then I take up with the tongue the tip. Then I engulf it and swirl my tongue around it. My husband always moans as I’m sucking and jacking off his penis, and it is not long before this Lothario shoots his hawt cream into my envisaging throat. After this smooth operator shoots his jism, I put his cushioned jock back into my throat to acquire him rock hard so that dude can fuck my taut cunt and tighter dark-skinned hole. We love humping in a stinky men’s room. We have drilled many times in washroom stalls whilst males pee in the stall next to us. I love feeling like a porn floozy and a immodest floozy when we have washroom sex on the road.”

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Voluptuous Theater: 28:18 Minute Video of Devin Taylor

Voluptuous Theater: 28:18 Minute Clip of Devin Taylor

It’s always a enjoyment to have Devin Taylor visit the SCORE building. That babe was voted XL Girls Magazine Porn star of the year. The swimsuit photo insert XL Beauties SP # 149 is her winner’s showcase. This interview took place prior to that win. Sapphire won 2nd place, Maria Verbeck of Denmark came in 3rd and Vivian Alise took 4th place. Devin talks candidly and personally. You’ll meet a warmhearted, intelligent goddess; laughable, relaxed and polite. We could have talked for hours but the photographers were firing up their cameras and itchy. Intercut through the interview are clips of Devin posing bare in different photo discharges. Dripping Time: 28:18

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XLGirls SP #149: 50 Photos of Devin Taylor

XLGirls SP #149: 50 Images of Devin Taylor

XL Girls: Suppose we saw u at the supermarket. What would you wear?
Devin: I wear tons of skirts, short tops. Not too many v-necks ‘coz I receive stared at. There’s that idea that if u have large knockers, you’re trampy or looking for attention, but I have had ’em all my life! And it drives me barmy when people think ‘cuz I’ve big milk sacks that I’m deaf. Boyz, if I’m walking by and u say, “Look at these milk sacks,” I can hear you! It would be worthwhile if u said I had marvelous eyes or something.
XL Girls: Do u acquire compliments on your face, which is quite gorgeous?
Devin: I receive compliments on my smile. I am actually pretty demure in real life.

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Horny Amateur MILF Gangbanged

boy girl group-sex non-professional M.I.L.F. dilettante wife video

LAD GODDESS GROUP SEX — This free non-professional M.I.L.F. clip gallery will get you started before you hit the web site. This enjoyable heart takes on THREE bucks and sucks everyone off like a true able. This babe’s our new non-professional porn vixen of the week. Just inspect those rave adult web page reviews. Investigate this wild dilettante wife right away then receive into the web resource for all the supreme full-length clips.

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Kelly Kay: 15:14 Minute Video of Kelly Kay

Kelly Kay: 15:14 Minute Movie scene of Kelly Kay

Kelly Kay has proven to be one of the majority stacked of all the SCORE Beauties.

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SCORE September 2007: 40 Photos of Bea Flora

SCORE September 2007: 40 Pictures of Bea Flora

I’m very hopeful that we shall see greater quantity fresh Bea Flora at SCORE,” writes S.C. “She is phenomenal, very impressive and this babe has worthwhile boobies. I’ve been bewitched by her the pont of time I saw her. I truly think you lads should try and produce a DVD featuring Bea, maybe something like A Day With Bea or something similar. She truly is very popular with the fans in Europe and I indeed hope you work with her afresh very in a short time.” E.B. adds that “the creme de la creme is Bea Flora exposing her privates, all the while wearing a fishnet bodysuit with vinyl thraldom accoutrements!” This is Bea’s 5th appearance in SCORE since 2005. The fetish costuming and props are once anew courtesy of World of Wicked ( Bea’s appearance is courtesy of Polish Big-Boob.

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XLGirls SP #149: 40 Photos of Maria Verbeck

XLGirls SP #149: Fourty Pics of Maria Verbeck

XL Girls: So, when you are with a lad and that smooth operator is playing with u, kissing and ram like that, what do you like to happen next? What’s the path to sexual success with u?
Maria: Well, the giving a kiss and hugging is a very worthy initiate. Fondelling my sides and maybe my legs is valuable. I like to have my boobies played with, also, but it is truly most mind boggling to kind of work up to it, u know, not just jump right to ’em. I like to warm up not fast, but do not worry. I’ll be getting hotter as we go along.

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