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SCORE Studio: 57 Photos of Emily Anderson

SCORE Studio: Fifty seven Photos of Emily Anderson

How large a part do your breasts play in sex?
Emily Anderson: I’d say they play a large part. I think every dude who sees them, their jaws drop. They love to touch ’em, play with them and, you know, do what u boyz call titty-fucking. Lots of pulling, engulfing and tugging.
You like that, don’t u?
Emily: Oh god, yep! My teats are greatly sensitive. I get like instantly succulent. Instantly leaking. I receive so soaked just from someone touching ’em or mouthing on ’em.


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SCORE Theater: 19:41 Minute Video of Emily Anderson

SCORE Theater: 19:41 Minute Movie of Emily Anderson

Open to experimentation, Emily Anderson gives the F-Machine a priceless robo-shot. This dildonic gizmo is manufactured by a company called “Ken’s Twisted Mind,” part of an weird sub-culture of mechanical wizards stiff at work building them. Maybe your next-door-neighbors have one!


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This glamorous woman born for titfucking

When we had Alice for a photo session final week we just turned the digital camera on and let her do whatever that babe wanted to. When this hotty disclosed her colossal beautiful bouncy bosoms and began licking her fat nipps we already knew this vixen was up to smth, but when she pulled down her knickers and began caressing her soaked snatch we knew it was a recent hit in the making.


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Brandy Talore & Angela White: 25:29 Minute Video of Brandy Talore

Brandy Talore & Angela White: 25:29 Minute Video of Brandy Talore

A highlight from the DVD Bosom Buddies #6 is popular SCORE Gals Brandy and Angela going at it with fingers, tongues and toys. Sometimes it takes a big-titted hotty to know a big-titted beauty. Those 2 are a breast-man’s dream. Juvenile, big boobed, cute, squishy, hawt and damp.


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SCORE Theater: 25:22 Minute Video of Rebecca Love

SCORE Theater: 25:22 Minute Episode of Rebecca Love

Rebecca Love was once on the TV show Blind Date but the putz that babe dated claimed to be a virgin and (unbelievably) declined to fuck her, let alone make-out. Rebecca did everything but physically throw herself at him! Here’s what that idiot missed out on! A vacuum cleaning suck-off. Doggie positions and larger quantity. Tit-screwing! First-class screwing at its hottest and nastiest from a first-rate playgirl. All we can say at SCORE Headquarters is carpe diem! Seize the day when u can. Rebecca’s nutbusting scene is from the DVD Big Tit Orgy.


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SCORE July 2007: 50 Photos of Whitney Stevens

SCORE July 2007: 50 Fotos of Whitney Stevens

Whitney may be only Nineteen years-old but don’t hold that against her. Hold your P-Rod against her instead. Especially against her fresh, pleasing tits. This babe has bigger in size quantity experience taking 10-Pounder betwixt her meatballs than 99.9% of the gals her age. Whitney is Jewish and her mature sister Britney Stevens is a sex star. Whitney is on her way to becoming a pornstar also. This is Tit-Fuck Tryout time for Whitney. The van has picked her up and she’s about to be pumped full of 10-Pounder. The California brunette is up against some power-tits. Alexis Silver in this issue is no one to mess with in the Tit-Fucking Federation (TFF). But that is cool. Whitney is smoking. That babe has great ‘tude, a sexy body, a beautiful face, and enough body heat to melt Iceland.


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Work That MILF!: 21:35 Minute Video of Cassy Sullivan

Work That MILF!: 21:35 Minute Movie scene of Cassy Sullivan

How do u sell real-estate? In this scene from the DVD “Work That MILF,” Cassy Sullivan shows how: by wearing a see-through top with no under garment, something that fully displays your titties. Talk about the “hard” sell!. For some reason, the lad appears to be reluctant, so Cassy really turns on the hard sell by engulfing his pecker and letting him fuck her vagina. Does Cassy make the sale? You are going to have to investigate for yourself.


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What do we have here?

Britain is asking her neighbour if this dude can lend her his expertise in vagina examining as she’s itching for dick. Find out what her married neighbor does at


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Kathy & Charlotte: 19:53 Minute Video of Kathy

Kathy & Charlotte: 19:53 Minute Episode of Kathy

Charlotte does a same-sex session with “Russian” Kathy, who likes grab like a lady-killer does.


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Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2006: 20 Photos of Shaylon Orion

Wicked Neighbors Holiday 2006: Twenty Pictures of Shaylon Orion

Shaylon is ambisexual and likes sex with men and babes. This babe likes to cum at least one time a day. She can’t live without direct, straightforward men, not users. If she could do it, she would trip the world. Her kinkiest collision was hooking up with a lady she met on-line. They booked a hotel room and licked every other’s snatches and used toys on every other all night. Carnal pics are always in her mind. Her raunchy dream is to “ass-fuck other females.”


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SCORE July 2007: 50 Photos of Sydney Simona

SCORE July 2007: 50 Pix of Sydney Simona

“By the time I was 14 years-old, I was a full C-cup,” says Sydney with pride and justifiably so. “In high school, I had the colossal scoops. I was very slight but I had the humongous chest. I went to an all-girls boarding school. Some girls abhored me but the male teachers loved me…because of my bouncy bosoms. Angels can be catty but they indeed wanted to know all about my knockers. They would ask if they could touch them, feel them. I am affable so they became worthwhile to me. The lady teachers loathed me. They didn’t like me at all. My milk sacks opened plenty of door for me. And windows too.


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Amazing girl with sweet appetizing titties

Lucie is a luxurious hottie whose nice-looking body is worth all the praise in the world. This babe can’t live without it when we check out her acquire bare revealing her consummate fun bags with plump fuck addicted nipps and playfully spread her narrow juice-soaked slit.


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Dripping mom remembered youth pranks

Natalie has always dreamed about doing it with younger boy-friend, but this babe at no time imagined she’d have a chance to do this. These juvenile stud did not lose a second previous to removing all of her stylish raiment and preparing his fuck tool for some real act. Her naughty throat and her hungry clutch happily accepts a youthful rod. This sexy housewife will definitely come back for more, by the look on her face we can clearly watch that she’s not at all adult anything like this previous to.


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Clear Plastic

Dana looks hawt in this clear plastic watch throughout suit. But then another time, what babe with king-size marangos and a thick butt wouldnt look good in a dress u can see right through?

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Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2006: 20 Photos of Lil Bebe

Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2006: Twenty Images of Lil Bebe

“I wanted to try Nasty and watch if would be a springboard to other modeling. I think I would be nice for 18Eighteen. I wanna be a porn star. That is my goal.” Lil Baby’s large fantasy came true after this photo discharge. This babe does the wild thing in the hardcore 18Eighteen DVD Flat & Screwed.


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SCORE July 2007: 50 Photos of Deena Duos

SCORE July 2007: 50 Pix of Deena Duos

“It’s very special to be back in SCORE ‘cuz I nearly didn’t make it. I had stepped with out modeling for a during the time that coz I had put on tons of weight. It means anything to me to get back and do what I love to do for the bucks who appreciate a glamourous body. I’ve come a long, lengthy way, and I’m very grateful to be here, and I hope u actually appreciate it and take it very genuinely. This is a very sensitive issue for me. I lost 88 pounds, and I did not have my life, and now I’ve my life back, and it’s worthwhile. I am overwhelmed to be here. Being a SCORE Goddess afresh is a fantasy come true.”


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